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Posted in Cardio,Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 13, 2007

Yeah, that’s right, half my face is paralyzed now.

Wait, no, that was a reference to rowing, my mistake.

Hit the Concept II this afternoon. I haven’t the slightest clue what makes a good rowing workout. I do think I’m gonna finally get a hear rate monitor though

25 -30 rpm 5 minutes
30 – 35 rpm 5 minutes
25 – 30 rpm 5 minutes
30 – 35 rpm 1 minute (I couldn’t keep it up)
hopped on the bike to keep a moederate pace for a break for about 5 minutes
back to the rower
try to maintain 30 rpms (but not do a very good job) 10 minutes

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

I’m sure my technique is crap if even that good. I don’t know how hard i was working but I felt like I was working awefully hard. This thing gets into some muscles I don’t use a lot so that is good. I think I may be able to alternate it with some of my park training and do some damage.

I also tried to rachet down on my diet a little bit.

Breakfast (5 am)
1/4 cup steel cut oats
1/4 cup ground flax
1 tblsp maple syrup
4 oz skim milk

1 tblsp instant coffee
1 tblsp sugar
6oz skim milk

7 am
1 yoplait yogurt

9 am
1 hard boiled egg (not somethin gI have been doing but I though tIwould add it)
Italian dressing

11 am
1 Amy’s organic buritto

Salad like above

subway 6″ chicken sandwich

I’m in class from, well now, until 8 so I may nibble something when I get home.

gotta run to class now

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    When I quit laughing – I have some thoughts. Hahaha OK done now.

    It’s SPM or strokes per minute (number in the upper right corner), 35 SPMs is a flat out sprint, at least for me – no wonder you were fading fast (been there – done that. . You just made one of the normal beginner mistakes on the Concept 2 rower. It’s not the strokes per minute that matters – as way of explanation: if you row a slower SPM but pull quicker during the pull process, you can row the same speed as pulling more SPMs but not as quick. Of course pulling high SPMs and quick (hard) is the fastest but it’s hard to maintain that as you know now. It’s the pace per 500 meters (the big number on the screen) that is important to you and can be reached with different combinations of SPM and strength or speed of pull. The same thing goes for the fan adjustment on the side – a small # is like rowing a light boat and a big number is like a rowboat – I usually use #4. With some experementation, you will determine which number suits you best. I use different settings for different purposes during workouts. As examples, (consider that I haven’t rowed for a long time) – I usually row around a 2:00 pace as part of a Cross Fit workout – when in shape, maybe a 1:50 or so. On rows of 2000 meters about 2:10 now and 2:00 when in shape – these are not anything close to hard or sprints – just workout pace over time. For longer rows – I try to do 2:15 to 2:30 just as workouts for say 20 to 30 minutes. Sprint work is maybe 1:30+ something for 500 meters and I think my best 2000 meter time was 1:42 pace – done quite a while back. My SPM rate is normally 22 to 24 during a regular workout – at 30 and above, I fade fast. Your SPM may be just a little higher because I pull so much longer, being so tall. Try rowing the same pace but with two completely different SPM rates (try 20 and 30) and then do the same with a #1 and #10 damper setting. Everyone goes through this when they start rowing so don’t feel bad. Now the good news is the rowing you did was way intense – I would have puked trying it I’m sure.

    Not laughing at you – laughing with you! Well maybe a little at you.

  2. Mike said,

    With, at, what’s the diff 🙂
    The rower was good time. These are kinda old so they don’t have numbered vent settings, it’s kinda analog. I had it all the way open but I did think about playing with them. I figured that was for another day. I did play with the strength of pull versus speed on the seat. I hadn’t quite worked it all out for myself but what you say makes sense.
    I think this monitor was set on calories per hour or something. I didn’t really play with the monitor settings this time but will next time. Then I can go for some distances.
    I’m sure my strokes were short, betweenL: height, belly and not laying back all the way, I probably pulled the handle 4 feet or so including the slide and pulling it to my chest.

    That reminds me, I was pullin the handle to right above my belly, where my sternum is, is that right?

  3. Chris Rice said,

    There is some controversy over where to pull the handle but there seems to be a comfortable position sort of what I would call “high stomach” that most people end up pulling to, it varies person to person – also be careful not to lean back too far. Visit the website and look around – lot’s of information there and some on the CF site also.

  4. Mike said,

    They have some free booklets and DVDs that I ordered yesterday. I found their forums and stuff.
    My wife and I have discussed getting an erg in the home in the past. She has been rowing a lot longer than I have. We were never sure about the space issue. Last evening I found a thread on the Concept II forums about some folks who fold theirs up daily or stand it on its end. Now all we need is $1000. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

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