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ol’ John Henry

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 11, 2007

I love that song by Johnny Cash

5 minute warmup
350lb leg press 15
250lb bench 12
300lb calf raise 15
200lb Seated row 15
200lb leg curl 8
200lb overhead press 9
200lb leg extension 8
200lb pull over 12
150lb tricep press 9
75lb curl 12

attempt to cooldown but too weak, instead I just gently pedaled the bike

For the warm up and cool down, I found a new toy. I’m sure no one remembers this but me but when I started going back to UB I was sure they had rowers. I couldn’t find them, I asked and was told they didn’t have them. They have them, I found the, and Iplayed today. I’m gonna do more with these.

Chris Rice, are thos rowers supposed to hit the hip flexors, I felt like mine got a real work out at the extension portion of the exercise, holding my upper body up.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – I assume it’s a Concept 2 rower? And yes they hit the hip flexors, mostly in the beginning it seems while the movement is so new to them and your technique is not all that refined. When you hit the end of the stoke, you stretch them then you quickly use them to pull yourself forward again and this is what hits the hip flexors so hard ( try not to lean back too far at the end of the stroke). I get the shins sore each time I sprint hard after a lay off as I use them to pull forward as well. I bought my rower in 95 and it’s been a terrific investment. I’d love to know how many pounds friends and family have lost sitting in that little seat. Sean (my son) went from 312# to 215# in 8 or 9 months after he quit throwing in college and came home. It’s helped me climb a lot of mountains, being an almost zero impact way of doing some serious cardio work. It finally broke as of yesterday – the monitor is dying but everything else just hums along like the day I bought it. Parts and help are available from them – their support is unequaled. If you haven’t yet – visit the Concept 2 website – you can compare your times to everyone else out there. They has online rankings etc etc – it’s a real fraternity and a lot of fun and support. If your goal is weight loss, this would be the first thing I would advise to people.

    Looks like you got a more traditional rep number on your HIT workout this time. Positive failure?

  2. Mike said,

    As you know, I have had tiny bit of time on a Concept II(oh and yeah these are conceptIIs old ones but they work fine). I was so happy to find these hiding back there. I was a little disappointed that I was so wasted from lifting that I really couldn’t do anything with them. I’m trying to figure out how to meet the two things in the middle. I’d love to get a Concept II for home but we just can;t seem to justify the space, we live in a decent sized apartment but there isn’t a lot for room of a 7 foot piece of equipment. It’s definitly on my list for when we get a home, probably my first exercise purchase then.
    I’ve seen their werbsite a couple times. A real nice site, you can buy all kinds of parts and so on (as you mentioned) and I saw their contests. I think they even had some training logs or something. I know some of the higher end monitors can upload to your computer too.
    The HIT workout was rough, real rough. I really jacked the weights up and pushed hard. The nice thing about machines, the reason they work so well for this, is that your form can break down a bit and your not in any danger. I tried to force it as far as I could go but I still believe strongly that a coach and/or training partner would make a world of difference. As it was, two girls wandered in while I was there and I don’t think they were very happy with me. I was sweating on stuff and setting all the machines to 200 as I went around, and even occasionally grunting *gasp*.
    I felt wasted when I was done. I wanted to go row some more but it was just out of the question. I might get a couple pulls in and then I’d just have to sit there for second.
    I’m coming around to your way of thinking. There is a place in a persons annual program for this. It’s not really something I would want to do a lot of. I think the machines encourage bad habits. I think the program is primarily a very good pump with a little strength and hypertrophy thrown in. I think though at for a 6 12 workouts at some point in the year, it’s nice variation. I sits somewhere between the powerlifting approach of doing 10 or less reps over 3 – 5 sets and the body building approach of doing 25 – 50 reps over 1-3 sets. I also still think that this is ideally suited as a follow up workout. There is no skill and technique here, it might be a good way to commit suicide after an Olympic workout.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    HIT is fun in a sick sort of way as you’ve noticed. While the workout is great and actually does a descent job on fitness – remember that it will cause muscle growth – which isn’t going to help with the weight loss goals you’re trying to achieve. Your body is darn good at making and keeping tissue – at some point the only thing that may work for you is pure calorie burning exercise.

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