Anvil or Hammer

Stress relief

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on June 6, 2007

ever just have one of those days where you find yourself in the car and for no reason at all, you are just stressed. That was today. Fortunately, I had the gym to go to.

Warm up – jump rope (poorly) for 3 minutes

1 minute rest, 2 minutes work
Rest 1 (I always start with rest) – 1 pull up
Round 1  – Heavy Bag
Rest 2 -1 pull up
Round 2 -32K 2 hand swing X 50 (30,10,10)
Rest 3 – 1 pull up
Round 3 – 16K walking lunge X 50
Rest 4 – 1 chin
Round 4 – Heavy Bag
Rest 5 – 1 pull up
Round 5 – 32K 2 hand swings X 48 (25,15,8)
Rest 6 – 1 chin
Round 6 – 16K Sumo deadlift X 50
Rest 7 – 1 pull up
Round 7 – Heavy Bag
Rest 8 – 1 chin
Round 8 – 32K 2 hand swings X 50 (20,10,10,10)
Rest 9 – 1 chin
Round 9 – 16K 2 hand clean/squat X 50
Rest 10 – 1 chin
Round 10 – Heavy Bag

This workout felt really good. I got some cardio, I got some conditioning, not too much strength training, that was my desire. I also felt very destressed. Working out rocks.

Declaring Aggregator Bankruptcy

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on June 6, 2007

I recently read an article by a business guy who, after a long vacation, found he had more email than he could reasonably catch up on. His final decision was to declare email bankruptcy. I find mself in those shoes with my aggregator. I am several hundred posts behind. Rather than kill myself to catch up on something that should be fun. So I am declaring aggregator bankruptcy.

If you wrote a post to me or about me or refering to me, I’m not ignoring you. I deeply apologize for the oversight.

With that, I wil be marking All as Read and will be back to my regularly appointed rounds shortly.