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Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 5, 2007

made it in a for a HIT, or not HIT workout. unfortunately, no notebook.

leg press 300lbs 44
bench 20lbs 19
leg curl 100lbs I think about 20
military press 100lbs about 15
leg extension 100lbs 20ish
======as the workout went on, it became a blur=======
upright rows
Calf raises
Side raises
Pull overs
tricep extension

I was trying to go heavier and for fewere reps than last time. unfortunately, I didn’t take any breaks between the sets. This meant that I basically fell in slow motion from one machine to another.  It also means I was done in about 20 minutes and I didn’t have half a brain the time I was done. I do have tro say that i believe I cold have done more if I had someone there forcing the reps on me. Toward the end there, the general discomfort just over came me and I know I slacked.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    I dunno, I usually read your workouts and think “YEAH, I GOTTA DO THAT!!! LIFTING RULES!!!”. With these, I just think “owwwwww, you keep ’em”. What are you trying to get out of this sort of workout?

  2. Mike said,

    It’s just and experiment. I just want to know the look and feel of the workout that I hear tossed around so much. So far my greatest observation about this workout is that it makes you look and feel like you are working out. A lot of workouts, especially the ones I like, don’t make sense to people who see me doing them. It comes from their ignorance that I don’t want to lift to exhaustion, I don’t want to lift nonstop but instead that breaks. This workout gives you some of that bodybuilder pump and it feels like a workoug “should” when you are new and don’t understand what you are doing. I think that is why a lot of young ‘uns get sucked into this style of training. It does hurt but because of the way it’s done, or at least I am doing it, recovery comes quickly and completely.
    I still stand by my first assesment, this would be a great end of the day workout for a professional athelete. You are mostly recovered by morning because it’s hard to do real muscle damage witht he one set approach. The muscles get flushed wit blood. The workout is about as safe as you can go.
    I haven’t gotten as far int he nautalis diaries as I thought I would by now but I do have to say that Arthur’s A&P is very different from what I was taught.
    Tonights workout will be much better, kettlebells.

  3. Scott Styles said,

    I think you are recovering quickly because of conditioning from prior work. The victims at the Y I had doing single set workouts would get really sore. Their bodies never got enough stimulus to really learn how to adapt. It definitely makes the body feel like you worked hard.

    The Arthur Jones material is something I want to have read, but it’s intimidating to read. He writes densely. What I’ve looked at so far takes some patience to get through.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    bench 20lbs 19
    Come on – you can do better that this LOL

    Now try to use a weight that allows say 8 reps upper and 15 lower and to complete failure – even negative failure if you can find someone to help you. It’s the complete failure aspect that Jone’s felt was so important – and move between machines as quickly as possible like you did.

    Reading Jones material is a challenge for sure – and you will find some discripencies for sure (or at least a change of his ideas) but I found it pretty interesting and a good bit of it makes sense, especially if you look at it from the point of view of gaining size as he did. The lower reps are harder muscularly but still it’s very mental to push yourself to your “true” limit.

  5. Mike said,

    You may be correct on the recovery Scott. I never really thought about it.

    Sorry, 20lbs is my new max for bench 🙂 I hope to his 22 by the end of july so I can start benching with an EZ curl bar.

    The low reps you mention are interesting. I hadn’t gotten to that yet and clearly my rep range has been much higher. I think I may enjoy a workout more with lower reps.
    Oddly the more you dial in on his philosphy, it almost sounds like the direct, very direct, predecesor to Weider style.
    I would like to do some forced reps on this, I think it would be the key. Unfortunately the gym is really empty during the summer semester.

  6. Chris Rice said,

    The best workouts I ever had on HIT were on the old version Nautilus machines – many of which had foot levers to let you assist the weight up to allow negatives etc with out a helper. But I still think a helper is better – it’s just hard to push as far by yourself as with someone there to push you. The cams also made a difference because you didn’t seem to have the short hard sticking point – the whole movement felt hard. I have (well my son has at the moment) a book by Health For Life called Synergy – basicly a free weight workout using a similar plan which is pretty good but for me at least – I need a good spotter to do it well.

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