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Calipers arrived

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on June 5, 2007

Today was proably my worst day for diet in a while.

Last evening we had the fire alarms in our building go off, and keep going off and keep….
Finally we gave up and went to a hotel. By the time all was said and done, we were down several hours on sleep. I dodn’t make a meal for work today. I also didn’t make dinner tonight so I don’t quite know what i’m gonna do for tomorrow.

I did recieve my calipers tonight. I gave them a trial run. Using the one spot they recommend, which is basically the front part of the love handles or the part of the belly that sticks over your belt. I came up with 26%. That comes out to 65lb, so 185 in lean bodyweight. So for me to hit 10% I will need to hit about 200lbs even. It’s a goal.

This weekend I may see about a more complete pinch test.


Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 5, 2007

made it in a for a HIT, or not HIT workout. unfortunately, no notebook.

leg press 300lbs 44
bench 20lbs 19
leg curl 100lbs I think about 20
military press 100lbs about 15
leg extension 100lbs 20ish
======as the workout went on, it became a blur=======
upright rows
Calf raises
Side raises
Pull overs
tricep extension

I was trying to go heavier and for fewere reps than last time. unfortunately, I didn’t take any breaks between the sets. This meant that I basically fell in slow motion from one machine to another.  It also means I was done in about 20 minutes and I didn’t have half a brain the time I was done. I do have tro say that i believe I cold have done more if I had someone there forcing the reps on me. Toward the end there, the general discomfort just over came me and I know I slacked.