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Weigh-in #4 – a milestone

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 4, 2007


Finally my weight moved and in the right way, thank goodness. The weird thing is that on Monday I weighed like 251-252 and on Thursday I weighed in at 247.8. I didn’t believe it, I weighed myself four times, all withing .5 lbs.

So now my goal is to never, ever see 250 again. To give you and idea, other than about two months three or so years ago when I was running every day have I been under 250 since ooohhh about 2000. Once I get below 245, I’ll be the lightest I have been this millennium. How’s that for a PR?

So maybe I just needed to be more patient. Maybe my body had to adjust back to the diet. Maybe something just clicked. This is why this weightloss stuff is So Darn Frustrating.

Anyway, big w00t, now I gotta get to work.

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