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Lazy Days

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on June 3, 2007

dog days of summer 
Some days, you just don’t train.

I did very little training wise this weekend. a bit of foam roller and a I broke out my red neck indian clubs for wrist work based on the power forearms. I tried to get through the nautalis stuff but didn’t anticipate a Tome, so I’m not done yet and won’t be real soon.

I’m feeling a bit burnt out, not with training but with the websites and stuff. I think I may need to drop diggs from trainingsyndicate. No one is subscribed and I don’t seem to have much traffic through them an no one else is doing them at all. I do have two new bloggers with their first posts, I think I’ll fire them up tomorrow.

I cry, you cry, we all cry…

Posted in Recipe by Mike on June 3, 2007

 for Stir Fry

First, if you don’t read Stonglifts, you should It’s a darn good website with an amazing amount of content. It’s like the guy has been writing the blog for years but never had a chance to actually get it down for us to read. Mehdi started something with his two breakfast installments. It’s something I have always wanted to do but slacked on. So now I’m riding the man’s coat tails.

Second, I love to cook. I will cooks sometimes even when I don’t want to eat, cause I enjoy it. Of course I do end up eating. Just because I like to do it though doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. Most of what I do goes like this:
remove bits from fridge ->chop -> heat -> apply spice -> heat -> consume. nothing too special there.

So today, I offer my first of, hoepfully, many food/recipe posts over the years. Today I made my first stir fry ever:

First you gotta have a wok. I bought that a week ago.
an empty canvas

Then you gotta prep your food:
my palette 
3 tbls chili oil
veggies – bought in a bag, pepper stir fry mix
meat – 1 lb strip steak.
frozen until firm but not solid and sliced into very thin slices then I brined this in 4:1 water:soy sauce, bout a half cup salt and a whole mess of freshly ground pepper

Apply heat:
I eat meat
meat first

Meat goest out, veggies goes in. Then meat goes back in:
The finished product 

and we’re done

It was good, if a hair to spicy, next time it’ll be 2tbls chili oil and 1tbls seasame oil.

I also attempted to make rice for the first time, not in a steamer. I put two cups of rice to three cups water then heated until the water was gone. The rice was sticky but undercooked. Anyone have a recommendation?