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How much is too much?

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on June 1, 2007

aka: How much is too little? 

Warm up:
lots of snatches to an overhead squat with an empty bar

Snatch to Overhead squat X6 each
40K, 50K, 60K

Clean to front squat X6 each
60K, 70K, 80K, 90K

No go on 100K

Front Squat 60K 3 X 5

I also got some pull ups broken up in there: 2, 1, 1
and some chins: 2, 2, 3
I also got some 32K kettlebell snatches 6 sets of 5/arm

all of the above was done in roughly 90 minutes, I’m surprisingly wore out.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Your endurance on the Olympic lifts is pretty darn good! Chins are coming – just keep at them. Speaking of chins – tomorrow’s WOD is 5 rounds of 25 Wall Ball shots with a 20# ball and 30 pullups. I’m hoping to do three rounds – that’s still 90 pull ups – I’ll be kipping – jumping and crying – not in that order perhaps. I really doubt I’ll get close to that. Arms are sore from climbing Thursday night for two hours.

  2. brent said,

    my kind of workout mike!

  3. Mike said,

    thanks guys, thought you’d like it.
    I thought of you while doing this Brent. I also thought, gee if I were as strong as Brent, I’d be pulling like 150K right now.

    That sounds like a smoking WOD. The wall ball shots, is that a medicine ball just slammed against the wall? I think I could do that, 90 pullups/chins, not so much.
    I’m trying to figure out a way to write a little feeder program to grab some of those folks who like to post their logs in a forum software. That would make it so much easier for me to keep up.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – Wall ball is a 20# medicine ball thrown to a 10′ high target from a squat position for reps – a sort of raise and throw thing, catch and lower – repeat. I don’t have the wall so I just throw it as high as the rafters in my garage – which is 10′ – just nothing to hit. As usual, I post it on Farm Strength if you want to see.

  5. Mike said,


    I want you to know, I totally respect the decision of you and all the guys who post their logs on Farmstrength and other forums but there will always be a place at TrainingSyndicate for any of you who want it. I’ll never try to force anyone to change but it is available to you all.
    Consider this my person invitation.

  6. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – I’m not even sure I’ll continue to post it over there – maybe and maybe not. Sometimes I wonder why I post it at all.

  7. Scott Styles said,

    I do read through your log every few weeks Chris. It’s good to see how someone with experience trains. I’d read it every post if it was a blog. There’s just a limit to how often I can visit every message board on the internet with something of interest to me. My computer lets me know when the blogs I am interested in update.

  8. Mike said,

    WE all have our reasons for posting and we all think about walking away from it at time, for our reasons. I fault no one who posts, walks away or does it his or her own way. I’m just trying to give folks the opportunity to do it who may not be sure HOW to do it. Personally, Im greatful for folks who post training logs, that’s why I read so many of them.
    Sadly, My recent emphasis on building the community of blogs has drawn my attention away from some of the boards I used to roam. I don’t miss gripboard but I do miss farmstrength at times, which is why I tend to pop up for a day, post ten items and then not come back for a month.
    That is why I’m trying to come up with a technilogical means to make feeds out of thsoe just like all the blogs I read. Then I could add them into my aggregator and keep up with you, Doc, Luke and all the others just as easily. Currently it’s a job above my skills but that’ jsut another reason to do it. So it’ll take a bit.

    I agree with Scott’s post completely.

    One mistake I see happen a lot on boards and blogs it trying to make it something it’s not. This is not the place for dozens of threads much like boards are not the place for persisten threads with one primary poster. That said, boards are a more high traffic area, if you want a variety of readers.

  9. Chris Rice said,

    Forums – blogs – feeds – whatever they all are. I’m aware that somehow you guys set up things so you automacticly know when new posts of interest are put up. As usual I just have to manually go to each one – perhaps if I could do what you all can, I would feel differently – it’s just kind of a hassle as you say trying to keep up. And in the case of the boards – seldom does anyone have anything to say about what I do so it does seem to be a waste much of the time.

    I wouldn’t post my workouts for a long time – really until Farm Strength came along – I just never wanted the comments from some kid who had been lifting 15 minutes in his life – I’m not really wanting a lot of people to read it – I’m looking more just to share it with friends who do the same so we can laugh at and with each other – make comments – try to help, try to learn, etc. I like the way Mikes (this) blog works – I like that seemingly only a few people comment back and forth – sort of like a slow chat room. But my computer skills prohibit it for the most part. Something to think about anyway.

  10. Chris Rice said,

    Another of my posts – lost in the ether LOL I guess?

  11. Mike said,

    saved it, I’ll have to read it later though.

  12. Mike said,


    I’ve been meaning to try and get something together explain aggregators (the things that notify us of new posts). If I did, would that be helpful. I know you have a gmail address so you already have everything you need to do it.

    also, i found a way to pull a feed from the forums, it takes some work though. I’m gonna try to wrap it up and share it with Scott S in the next couple days. We’ll be watching you Chris….:-D

  13. Chris Rice said,

    I’ve been meaning to try and get something together explain aggregators (the things that notify us of new posts). If I did, would that be helpful. I know you have a gmail address so you already have everything you need to do it.

    It’s no crime to be stupid but it is inconvenient – so yes it would be very helpful Mike. It seems to take forever to run around and check the logs of the people I have interest in.

  14. Scott Styles said,

    I can appreciate the time it takes. With an aggregator, I can keep up on about 30 blogs in 20 minutes a day. This would have been impossible in the past.

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