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Locked out

Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on May 31, 2007

Uni time last night. Apparently my student ID is already wearing out as I got into the gym ok but once I tried to take the stair well to the kettlebells, I got locked in the stairwell, it requires a card swipe to get out and mine didn’t want to work.

So I had an hour and no kettlebells. After making my way back to the gym, the hard way, I decided to try something I had thought about doing for a while. They have a really nice Nautallius room. I’m not a machines guy but I thought this would be a great chance to do a HIT style workout. I’ve never done one before and I haven’t exactly done my research so I may be a little off.

Leg Press 210 lbs 67
Bench Press 100lbs 30+
Leg curl 50lbs stopped at 100
Side raises 50lbs 75ish
Leg extensions 50lbs stopped at 100
Tricep Extensions 50lbs stopped at 100
Calf raise 100lbs stopped at 100
Bicep curls 50lbs 32
Ab crunches 50 lbs stopped at 100
some exercise I can’t recall
Oblique twists 50 lbs 25/direction
Pull overs 5olbs 100 (I think)
Back extensions 100lbs 36

As you can see the weights weren’t perfect, I think my rep range was high and I didn’t write it down. It was kinda on the fly. I had 45 minutes and just went from station to station. I think if I was to do it again, I would need to ad 50% to most exercises. I didn’t really feel like this workout was especially valuable. I just felt tired and lethargic afterward.

I was reminded of one important things while doing it. There is a point way beyond discomfort that you can take yourself to, if you want to. It doesn’t work as well when you are doing reps less than ten but when you get into 20, 30 or more, you find that discomfort is way short of failure.

Oh and I ordered some calipers.