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Hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on May 28, 2007

… gasoline for breakfast, napalm for lunch….

an “atta boy” to anyone who can site the lyric

Real brief tonight

Bear hug carry 40yrds
tactical lunge 16K 40yrds
swing for distance (release and let it fly) 24K 40yrds
side cary 20yrds, other side 20yrds
shot put 40yrds 16K
sumo lunge 20yrds

that was it, I was exhausted.
Expect a lot more in the way of posting tomorrow, very busy weekend.

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  1. Scott said,

    Henry Rollins – probably with Rollins Band rather than Black Flag?

  2. Mike said,

    OhHo, very well played. “Atta boy” indeed. Rollins with his new backup band (until he basically stopped performing) Mother Superior. Very nice. I should have guessed you’d get it, it seemed like he played Australia more than he played here.
    That dude was my idol from about 16 – 20 years old.

  3. Scott said,

    I love his music, but I’ve never actually seen him play (although I’ve seen him do some of the spoken word stuff live, and that’s great). I’m starting to like the sound of your record collection (yes, I’m old – I really do have vinyl).

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