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100K anyway you like

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on May 23, 2007

The week is plotting against me.

With 45 minutes I did the following
Power Clean 40K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Power Clean 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Clean 80K X 5
Power Clean 90K X 5
Power Clean 100K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 80K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Oly Style Squat 100K X 25
Chin Ups X 3
Behind the back wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 25
Overhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) 3 X 10
Underhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 20
Wrist roller (supported) 25lbs Top,Bottom,Top (of forearms, I’m not sure how else to say this)

The 100K was pretty awesome. I pulled it about a year ago for the only time I have done it. Since then I have been chasing it. I figured it was just greedy to try and pull more. I went for five and hit five, which is a great place to be. However, it was  power clean not a squat clean. It was ugly. It had all the body lean and bad hand position that one expects with a power clean

The squats were easier than I should have let them be. I was wore out by the end and all but I think 250 or 275 for 20 would have been way more valuable.

For a closing thing, I decided to take a shot at some chins. I was surprised. I got 3 good, clean chins. Now I know I’m working on pull ups but I’m hoping the chins will serve as an assitance exercise.

I haven’t ahd a chance to go back and read power forearms yet, I’m hoping to do it this weekend. As I recall, the curls are the types of thing they would have. I was just kinda winging it. I did find I had some pain in my extensors that I think is due to heavy computer usage and strength imbalance. I think I need to focus on hand health before hand strenght. I’m still doing gripmas but I can’t claim to have a plan on how to face it at this point.

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – here’s the way to face Gripmas – first, you face west for around five hours or so. Then have a cold one with friends – grab whatever heavy thing we tell you to grab and have some fun with it. Many of us are changing priorities right now – and while grip is a part of that, we’re not pursueing it with the same purpose as before perhaps. Contests are fun and I take them serious up to a point but it’s all about getting together with friends and having fun. What I’m doing is just adding on a grip movement or two of some kind every workout – nothing heavy or serious at this point, it’s a sort of “prime the pump” kind of thing. Oh, I’ve also started Chris Fit and for the moment it’s Cross Fit at whatever level I can manage it. I really miss the old mail route when it comes to overall fitness level – next year when I turn 60 – I want to climb another mountain somewhere – I better change my ways and get some base work in if I want to see the summit.

    Congrats on the chin ups – my personal preference is the neutral grip – my elbows complain less with them but I do them with all grips at times. Climbing is on pretty good right now, I won the last two games of add on at the gym – but Brian wasn’t there and he’s my big challenge – only early 30’s and a 5.12 climber, he works me really hard to try and keep up.

    Nice job on the power cleans but try hard not to break down too much on your form – you’ll just have to break all those bad habits later.

  2. brent said,

    great job on 100k for 5 with the power cleans mike! weren’t you having trouble with it forever? and you came out this workout and gave it 5, awesome, i must congratulate you … i bet any psychological inhibitions that were holding you back have now been destroyed 🙂 should be “easy” progress from here on out

    i’m still working towards the day i can pull that off, let’s hope we can see it this year

  3. Mike said,


    Yeah, I know it’s not really a contest and all that. I also have a little experience showing up to a “contest” or organized, lifting get together and not really being able to participate on the same level as the rest of the population. It sucks.
    i haven’t read your log recently, I’ll be interested to see what ChrisFit is built on.
    Thanks on both congrats, They were both good but they both repersent doing it wrong. I enjoyed the day I got several weeks ago that I was able to go in an just work the techniques. I hope to have the time to do that again soon.

    Thanks on the congrats and yeah it was forever, a year. I’m sure the barriers are down for a bit. The biggest barrier I have when it comes to oly stuff right now is trying to improve my technique. It seems I can’t get really heavy and shape up my technique at the same time and right now, I’m lucky to get one Oly workout a week. It was fun though and I really look forward to going back and adding more.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – actually this year it will be a real contest. But that just means any records set can be counted. I have no idea who might come but hopefully some of the stronger guys will show up – but either way it’s always fun. The events are a bit different than usual because I wanted to try them this way – a sort of experiment I guess, especially or the grippers in chokers event. We still have a long time to get ready for it.

  5. Mike said,

    It’s gonna be interesting

  6. Scott said,

    Nice work on the chins Mike. There’s pretty good carryover, and you’ll get a good bit of biceps action as a side benefit.

  7. Mike said,

    thanks, Scott,

    I could use a little bicep action as a side benefit. I’m just getting back to working them. I can really tell the imbalanance between the one I hurt and the one I didn’t. It probably doesn’t help that the one I hurt was my weak arm to begin with.
    there will be more pull ups and/or chin ups tonight.

  8. Chris Rice said,

    Mike here’s the link to the Power Forearms routine for those who might be interested.

  9. Mike said,

    Thanks Chris, I appreciate that a lot.

  10. Scott said,

    Cheers Chris, just got a chance to take a look at the Power Forearms routine. I wouldn’t mind getting hold of the book – anyone got a copy they’d like to sell?

  11. Mike said,

    I don’t know that it exists in print anymore. Chris might know better.

  12. Chris Rice said,

    I thought I read somewhere that someone had bought the rights and was going to sell all the Health for Life books again – I thought Scott said it actually so I must have been wrong.

  13. Scott Styles said,

    The only Health for Life book I have seen for sale is the 7 minute rotator cuff solution. I don’t think any of the others are in print.

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