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100K anyway you like

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on May 23, 2007

The week is plotting against me.

With 45 minutes I did the following
Power Clean 40K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Power Clean 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Clean 80K X 5
Power Clean 90K X 5
Power Clean 100K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 80K X 5
Power Clean, Front Squat 60K X 5
Power Snatch 60K X 5
Power Snatch 40K X 5
Oly Style Squat 100K X 25
Chin Ups X 3
Behind the back wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 25
Overhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) 3 X 10
Underhand bench wrist curl 45lbs (bar only) X 20
Wrist roller (supported) 25lbs Top,Bottom,Top (of forearms, I’m not sure how else to say this)

The 100K was pretty awesome. I pulled it about a year ago for the only time I have done it. Since then I have been chasing it. I figured it was just greedy to try and pull more. I went for five and hit five, which is a great place to be. However, it was  power clean not a squat clean. It was ugly. It had all the body lean and bad hand position that one expects with a power clean

The squats were easier than I should have let them be. I was wore out by the end and all but I think 250 or 275 for 20 would have been way more valuable.

For a closing thing, I decided to take a shot at some chins. I was surprised. I got 3 good, clean chins. Now I know I’m working on pull ups but I’m hoping the chins will serve as an assitance exercise.

I haven’t ahd a chance to go back and read power forearms yet, I’m hoping to do it this weekend. As I recall, the curls are the types of thing they would have. I was just kinda winging it. I did find I had some pain in my extensors that I think is due to heavy computer usage and strength imbalance. I think I need to focus on hand health before hand strenght. I’m still doing gripmas but I can’t claim to have a plan on how to face it at this point.

Two in a row

Posted in Rant by Mike on May 23, 2007

That’s two nights in a row I missed. I tried to work myself up to doing kettlebells about 9pm but couldn’t do it. I did have big plans for the gym but it jsut wasn’t possible. I decided I would comp the time at work and take off early today and get to the gym.

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