Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Grip by Mike on May 19, 2007

No, I didn’t start yet another site. I actually attempted grip today, probably a pathetic attempt. I’m hoping you guys will steer me a bit.

Grip Gear1 

2″ Dumbell deadlift
50lbs Left/Right
100lbs L/R
120lbs Miss/R

Block (weights are as marked on the block, so actual weight is less than half of this)
70lbs L/R
80lbs M/M
70 L/R(clean)

3″ Dumbell deadlift
50lbs M/R
50lbs L/R

6″ 3/16″ square X 2
6″ 1/4″ round
6″ Grade 2 Bolt X 2
6″ 1/4″ round, kinked it

Belt Lift – This is my attempt to address “narrow pinch”. Using an old belt I looped the belt through the buckle with the weights in the loop. I placed the other end flat against my palm and held it against my palm with my four fingers (mostly middle and ring).
10lbs L/R
20lb L/R
25lbs L/R
30lbs L/R
30lbs L/R

Lever – The weight was wasy but my wrists were not up for the stretch at all, so, no success
Deadlift lever
Front 10″ L/R
Rear 15″ L/R

Wrist Roller – Overhand
15lbs X 1

#1 L/R
#1 M/R

That’s it, that is my grip workout. Suggestions are requested. Also, if anyone knows any good things for wrist mobility. Mine is awful. I’m gonna have to start doing push ups ever day just to force my hand to be able to go to 90 degrees again.

It’s more than just reps

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on May 19, 2007

Last eve I had my two hours at the gym. I thought I would try something new, well old but I haven’t done it in a while. I tried to do a bodybuilder type workout.

Warmup: I was running behind so I abbreviated this a bit
Power snatches with 40K

Pre bodybuilder part, just trying something different:
Deadlift 2 minutes 100K 37 reps
Push Press 2 minutes 60K 20 reps

Now I begin trying the bodybuilder stuff:
1 Pullup (not quite a part of the BB stuff)
Straight Leg Deadlift 80K 4X12
1 Pullup (not quite a part of the BB stuff)
T Bar Row 135lbs 4X8
3 chinups (not quite a part of the BB stuff)
Dip Bodyweight 5X5
1 chinup (not quite a part of the BB stuff)
Pulldown 100lbs 3X12
Decline Bench 135 20,15
Standing Dumbell Military Press 40lb 3X10
Standing Dumbell Curl 25lbs 3X12(Zott’s I think, where you twist your arm going up and down)
Tricep Pushdowns 50lbs 10,5 40lbs 5 30lbs 5 (I’ll explain in a sec)
Sumo Deadlift 60K 2X20
Seated Calf Raise 90lbs 30

KB Snatch 24K 2 minutes 55reps
KB Snatch 16K 2 minutes 65reps

During the tricep pushdowns it was pointed out to me that although my set rep scheme was closer to a bodybuilders, I wasn’t really lifting like a body builder, I was using my whole body through the whole range of motion. I wasn’t really cheating, there was no hip action or anything but I wasn’t isolating. That’s what those guys do. Also I wasn’t holding the rep at the eccentric (I think it’s eccentric, the lock out basically or just short of). The guy had a point. So then the debate starts.

What is valuable to me? I mean the whole reason I was doing this different scheme was really just to try to build a little endurance and burn some more calories. I don’t really give a crap about big guns or anything. Still, is there some kind of value in that kind of training, am I missing so training that I would find valuable? I have no idea. I’m thinking I may try to do a bodybuilder workout once a week just to see if it helps in any other areas. Try it for a month or two, if it sucks, well, move on. If not, maybe I’ll try to mix it in occasionally. This stuff is so simple but it can be so incredibly complex.