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The Inch Challenge II

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on May 17, 2007

Yesterday the post from one year ago, featured at the right side on the top of the sidebar, was my first challenge to myself to lose and inch off my waist. The challenge was in the time of roughly six weeks to lose one inch off my waist. As a result of the challenge, I was shocked to learn I had a 47 1/2 inch waist. I’m hunting for the results of my challenge but the way I recell it, I lost 1/4 inch. After that I got frustrated and gave up for a while. Well, I’m back at it now. So I checked my measurement last night. Measuring around my body right at the belly button, I have a 46 inch waist. I have officially lost my inch. Six more to go.

Now the bad news. I’m up Two Pounds this morning. Not really a huge surprise. I tend to gain weight for about 36 hours after a really rough workout. When I have sore muscles, I gain weight. So I think it will smooth itself out by next Monday’s official weigh in.

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  1. Scott said,

    When I read the title of this post I immediately thought of DB rows with an Inch dumbbell replica 🙂

    What weight are you aiming for by next Monday?

  2. Chris Rice said,

    Muscle damage from a hard workout just means you are holding some water is all but I’m sure you know that already.

  3. Mike said,


    When I initially issued myself the “inch Challenge” I was still on gripboard and that was exactly what I was going for, now it just happens to be a sequel.
    I hadn’t really thought about breaking it down week by week. I guess I’d like to aim for a pound a week. I think I can sustain that for a while. If I come even close I should over shoot my end of the year goal of 235 which would be nice. So 250 for next monday is my goal, we’ll see how it goes.

    I had known that but I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder. In my own weird little head, I am also convinced my body is holding onto more nutrients trying to repair itself. I could be way wrong but it’s in my head. I’ll bet my adding a liter of water a day to my intake didn’t help things much.

  4. Scott Styles said,

    I am finding a pound a week to be just about the perfect rate to drop weight. It doesn’t seem to impact my strength at all, and since I’m still eating quite a bit, I don’t mind running the caloric deficit.

    Early on the thing that almost made me quit was when I went on a business trip with work. A few days eating out had me up 2lbs, which basically cost me 3 weeks. I really have to string the successful weeks together to keep my enthusiasim high. That’s probably the biggest reason I don’t take it even slower.

    I’ve done 2lbs a week before. Dropped 30lbs in 16 weeks. It was too much too fast, and it didn’t last. Once I stopped restricting food and doing tons of cardio, the process reversed itself very quickly.

  5. Mike said,

    Yeah, I’m going for the long haul here. Earlier this year, when I was on, I was on. I was losing closer to three pounds per week but I know that rate really isn’t sustainable so even if I lose three pounds a week, I’ll hit a serious plateau. My one pound a week estimate has some room for that kind of fluxuations in it.

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