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Blame it on the rain

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on May 16, 2007

No trip to the park today, ah well. I’ll check up on the potential pull up location tomorrow.

I used my foam roller in a major way this evening, I even dug out theĀ Stick I got for Christmas and went to work with that. I considered an awful experiment to run on myself. It’s simple, train really hard, then only work the foam roller and stick on one half of my body….

I thought about grip tonight but that is as far as it got. Tomorrow is out for grip. I gotta get it into my schedule somewhere.

My diet is going well during the day but I need to work on my portion sizes especially at supper time. I’m eating too much volume. I’m considering a salad at dinner too.

Cram Session

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on May 16, 2007

Somehow I forgot to blog this last evening….

Last evening was my final exam, before that, a workout.

I forgot my Id card so they let me into the gym but it means I couldn’t swipe into the kettlebell room. Time to get creative:

A few pullups to start

Warmup 135lbs
power clean
front squat
power snatch
overhead squat
power clean and jerk
back squat

135 X 5
225 X 5
315 X 5
225 X 20

Dumbell Snatch
70lbs X 10/arm

Dumbell Press
80lbs 8, 8, 6

Lat Pull Down
150lbs 8 X 3

Bicep Curl
72lbs 7/21*
72lbs 5 X 3

Tricep pushdown
I think it was 75 lbs
3 X 8

* 7/21 an old exerciseĀ  I learned in high school, it’s a barbell curl in three parts. You curl from the bottom to half way seven time, halfway to the top seven times then seven full ranges of motion.

I thought I might have over done it with this one. I started hitting the discomfort barrier pretty hard after the squats. I tried to keep the sets moving but after each set I need a break from the excitement or I was gonna heave. Even when I was done, took a quick shower and walked to my car I felt crumby. Once I sat down and ate some dinner I felt better. The above workout was done in a bout 45 minutes.

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