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Train away the pain

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on May 14, 2007

A little soreness today but not bad. my posterior chain felt good, my shoulders and arms were angry.

This afternoon with the dog:
jog around the lacrosse field
sprint the length
jog half way around
sprint the length
walk half way around
sprint the length
the dog laid down and didn’t want to move for a while

12k kb snatch sets of 25 X 2 /arm
foam roller based on the links Scott S posted, I also used a lacrosse ball to work over my arms, felt good, not sure how I’ll feel tomorrow.

My diet was pretty on today. Although I did have some terra chips at home and I did eat a bit more than I should have for dinner but I still feel like I did good.

tomorrow is my DB admin final, I’ll try to get in a kettlebell workout before hand. Nothing prepares the mind like a workout.

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Monday Weighing #1

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on May 14, 2007

I have been weighing myself almost daily for a while now. I took a little break this past month with the family and then the final run up to Strongman. Now I’m beginning again. I’m gonna make Monday my “official” weigh in day. I expect daily fluctuations but week to week I am striving for loss. Today’s offical weight was 252.0

All of my weigh ins are on the same scale in the same amount of clothes at about the same time of day, roughly 6 am.

With the return to weigh ins, I am back on diet. It’s slightly more protein centric than before which means more fiber is also a must so I am packing two salads a day, a breakfast of one egg and yogurt, one protein entree and one protein powder serving. This weeks entree is an experiment that seems to have gone ok. A meatloaf of 1lb buffalo and 1lb sausage.

I’m also back to drinking green tea instead of coffee with junk in it. I have found a green tea I really like.

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