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An increased focus on recovery

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on May 13, 2007

Day one of the new program. I’m sore in my entire back from yesterday, nothing serious just annoying.

  • I took my multivits which I ofter forget on weekends.
  • I took an hour nap in the afternoon because I could.
  • Walked the dog three times
  • Played with the foam roller but haven’t watched the accompanying video yet, I did print of the pages suggested by Scott S
  • 12K kb swings sets of 25, 4 set per hand

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  1. Mike said,

    Recovery update: I worked my back in both directions with the roller a couple times each and I did the kettlebell mentioned about.
    My back, the sorest part of me yesterday, feels about 80-90% rested and healthy. I didn’t use the roller on my arms or shoulders, they are still sore exactly like they were yesterday. It’s not conclusive but it’s pretty suggestive.

  2. Scott Styles said,

    The foam rollers are good stuff. Waaay back in 2002 I saw a girl at the health club I belonged to foam rolling her legs like crazy. She was going on and on about how if she does it after working out her legs don’t get sore. 5 years later I finally get it.

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