Anvil or Hammer

An increased focus on recovery

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on May 13, 2007

Day one of the new program. I’m sore in my entire back from yesterday, nothing serious just annoying.

  • I took my multivits which I ofter forget on weekends.
  • I took an hour nap in the afternoon because I could.
  • Walked the dog three times
  • Played with the foam roller but haven’t watched the accompanying video yet, I did print of the pages suggested by Scott S
  • 12K kb swings sets of 25, 4 set per hand

Help me….help myself

Posted in Grip,Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on May 13, 2007

So, I need a hand. I am scheduled for two competitions before the end of the year. Neither of them are things I really am any good at.

Tactical Strength Challenge (09/08/07) – yep, I signed up again. I think I can bring my swings up, I wanna drive for 120. A pull of 500 will keep me happy. It’s the pullups that I need to work on. So far the primary piece of advice I have received on this is to do singles as many times as I can, then doubles and so on. If that’s the best way, I think I can make a better go of it than I have. roughly three days per week I have access to a pull up bar. I’ll try to take advantage of it the best I can. Any further suggestions are always welcomed. I’d like to hit 10.

Gripmas Carol (12/08/07) – this is an event I tried to do last year but was unable to make it. It’s in Ohio with the crew of Farmstrength, put on by Chris Rice. The list of events is:
Euro Pinch – the normal

IronMind Apollon Axle DL – Sumo or conventional – DO to full deadlift

Bending – DO or Reverse – not sure which yet – standard IM and FBBC stocks as per Erics chart

Medley – a mixture of increasingly difficult items

Weaver Stick – front and/or rear

Scale Weight Hold for time – the most talked about event at BBB last year – my scale weights are killer OR

100# Plates hold for time – the object is an endurance event to finish up with.

So I’ve got to train hard for this. I need some suggestions on grip training, I’ve never really been able to a make a solid go of it, I was always too worried a it interfering with my other lifts. Kettlebells will be a major part of my weightloss regimen. I don’t want to mess with that. Still I gotta do something.
I don’t know anything about the euro pinch but assume a plate pinch will do most of the work. I can work with my 2″ dumbells for the axle pull and try to hit an axle when I can. I have some bending stock and can get more. I have wraps and so on. I have never figured out this folding business but reached a double underhand blue bend before I decided I didn’t care. I like the weaver stick, I play with this occasionally, I can work front lever and similar lifts. The scale weight thing I have never done, this seems like  a one handed pinch to me. Last is the 100# plate for time. I assume this is one hand, anyway you like with an olympic style plate, hopefully Chris can correct me. I have the standard IM grippers T – 3, I assume a 2 is the best I will achieve in this short time.

The big question is, how do I fit this into a training schedule? Do I do a little each night? Do I set aside one big day for grip? How does it work?

It’s all about attitude

Posted in Strongman by Mike on May 13, 2007

I won’t keep you in suspense, I placed 5 outta 5. It looked an awful lot like the video from last year. I don’t know what I’ll get back in the way of videos and pictures but as I get them, I’ll post them up.

I didn’t expect to win or anything but I expected better. I missed primarily due to attitude in my opinion. I went it unprepared and uninterested. When I got there, my warm ups went well. I was able to clean an jerk the empty log pretty easy. I felt like 40lbs  (280 total) more would be no problem. When the time came, I couldn’t make the clean. Someone told me it was because I wasn’t shooting my elbows under. I have the same issue with a barbell clean. I let my short comings there put me in a foul mood.

Next up, farmers, 330/arm. This is a rough event for me. I’m gonna ask for some help here on this but later, as part of another post. I simply couldn’t grip it. At one point I was pulling up hard enough that I actually lept off the mat as my grip slipped. I made about 5 pulls The right would start to come of the ground and my left hand would shoot off.

Yoke I think it was 800. I stood up and took two steps before being driven tot he ground. I was able to get several stand but never under enough control to make a step. I never got to the tire. At this point only pride kept me form going home.

Fire Hydrant carry, it was my first time picking up this hydrant. Carry a 330 lb fire hydrant sucks. I got it up and few steps before I coouldn’t hold it. After that I just couldn’t really stand with it again. I really feel like I could and should ahve done more but jsut didn’t want to. I can’t really say I gave my all on this event.

Stones, I felt nervous before the log and this, the two events I actually was look forward too. 290 stone gave me a litttle more of a fit than I expected but it went. The 300 was really giving me trouble, I was having trouble holding onto it. I called for tacky and got some but still couldn’t pick it up. I finally got it to my lap but not under enough control to finish the lift.

All in all a huge downer. That’s ok though. I learned alot about how much my own headgame sucks, how much my attitude plays into my performance. I realized that I have pretty much lost my ability to mentally prepare myself for a really tough/heavy lift. I don’t know when or where I lost it but it’s gone. I’m not gonna go looking for it too hard until after I lose some of this weight. Maybe next christmas that’ll be my gift to me 🙂

I saw more guys than I expected get hurt, we lost one to a knee during the yoke. Someone tore their bicep on the tire and we had a hamstring pull on the stones. It seems like out of the three events I have seen, each has had more injuries, that makes me worry.

back soon with more posts on plans and a request for help on a coupel goals.