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Posted in Technical Update by Mike on May 10, 2007

I’m not doing anything today or tomorrow, well some walks with the dog but that hardly counts.

I did some compy work though. Several people commented that they didn’t like trainingsyndicate‘s theme. So I changed it. Try it out, leave some feedback, I’d appreciate it.

The future of the world, Part I

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Goals by Mike on May 10, 2007

So next week I start a new thing.

Time to lose some weight. I weighed myself yesterday 251. Not bad considering I have paid it no mind lately. Next week, daily weigh ins, like before. I’ll try to document them here. It’s all a part of the new plan. No matter what my mode of exercise is, over the next several months, my goal is to lose weight. I’ve lost about 15lbs so far this year, I have 15 more to go to hit my year goal. I suspect the second fifteen will be harder than the first. With a primary goal of losing weight I have to distinct Methods I will use:

A. Diet
Simple, watch what I eat. I want to maintain the diet I had rolling along for a while this spring. I ate about evey two hours, I ate small meals. Not soda, occasional ice cream or other treat but all as part of a larger plan. I’m not shooting for starvation, just a plan.

B. Exercise
Rather than onesy , twosey sets I ‘m going to try to train for 1,2 or 3 Minutes straight, then take a break. I want to get a little more muscular endurance out of things. I also want to get that magic fat burning power everyone talks about. Some of the kettlebell workouts I have been doing are a good intro. I want to do more of that with different apparati.

Coming soon:
and more….

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