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Last Workout before strongman

Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on May 8, 2007

Ironically, if you look ath last years post today, this was the day of the last Strongman workout before strongman.

Kettlebells tonight, this is probably more indicative of the coming workouts

2minutes work, 1 minute rest
24K Snatch
24K Sumo deadlift (it sounds easy but after two minutes, it’s hard)
24K Floor press (sets of 5)
2 X 12K Clean and Jerk
2 X 12K Standing Press
2 X 12K Overhead squats (only half the time, I couldn’t keep my arms up so I went to racked squats)
12K Snatch (30 per arm)
12K Triple Crush
12K tactical Lunge
Heavy Bag X 3

I was exhausted

I’ll try to post some thought for the coming month(s) over the rest of the week.

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  1. Scott said,

    You’re really cranking up the volume with the kettlebells – I suspect your strength endurance is going up as a result. Best of luck with the comp.

  2. Mike said,

    I hope it goes up a bit. I don’t think the one – three rep thing is always the best way to go. The flip side is I don’t want to go too far the other way. What is too far? I have no idea.
    Thanks for the luck, I’ll be calling on it.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Good Luck this weekend!

  4. Steve said,

    Mike: Man you are moving alot of iron around! Good luck with your competition. I admit I’m uninformed about Strongman competitions – other than what I view on ESPN. Would you be willing to describe more about what events will you be participating in and what these competitions are like?

  5. Mike said,

    Thanks Chris, I’ll need it


    I have footage of me getting Owned in last years event:
    I’m shooting for fewer failures this year. This year’s event is similar:

    Click to access 05122007md.pdf

    I will be a heavy weight, but I will be more than 10 lbs lighter than last year.
    Event 1 – Log Clean and Press 280 lbs – I will settle for a couple cleans. That’ll be a PR and this log is gonna defeat a lot of people, more than 13″ in diameter.
    Event 2 – Farmer’s Walk 330 per arm – I think I can do this I don’t know if I can make the whole distance in the time allotted but I can do something here.
    Event 3 – Stone Load – I’m excited and dismayed for this one I should have not problem with stone 1 and probably 2. Anything beyond that is PR land.
    Event 4 – Fire Hydrant Carry (315 lbs) Sea Chain Drag – I can do the drag but I have to do the carry to get there. The carry is a whole new kind of pain. I have only touched this apparatus once, no go. I will pick it up and I will walk.
    Event 5 – Yoke Walk (800)/Tire Flip (725) – I have flipped this tire and it sucks mightily. To get there I have to walk with an insanely heavy yoke. Again, I will lift and I walk.

    The local guy runs a fantastic contest and is quick too. Quick is relative though, it’ll take 5 or so hours. It’s probably good to have all that time to recover but at the same time, it’s your whole day.

    Hopefully I’ll have more video for you in a couple weeks.

  6. Scott Styles said,

    Good luck at the contest. Bring back some good lessons for the rest of us.

  7. Scott said,

    Video will be great – looking forward to it.

    With the chain drag, how heavy is the chain? Lighter than the hydrant?

  8. Mike said,

    Thanks Scott. I’ll have lessons for me, that is for sure. Hopefully someone else will find them valuable as well.

    Other Scott,
    I don’t have a camera but have been known to mooch which is what I will be going for. The chain is heavy but I have drug it before. The weight is a deceivingly high number. On thing I have learned about dragging stuff is that the surface and the material of the object have much more to do with difficulty than the weight. 250 lbs on my tire in long grass would probably as hard or harder than the 640lb chain on asphalt.

  9. Stephen said,

    Mike: I checked out your video. That’s wild. I cannot do anything you did in that contest. Looking forward to the next video.

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