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Last Workout before strongman

Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on May 8, 2007

Ironically, if you look ath last years post today, this was the day of the last Strongman workout before strongman.

Kettlebells tonight, this is probably more indicative of the coming workouts

2minutes work, 1 minute rest
24K Snatch
24K Sumo deadlift (it sounds easy but after two minutes, it’s hard)
24K Floor press (sets of 5)
2 X 12K Clean and Jerk
2 X 12K Standing Press
2 X 12K Overhead squats (only half the time, I couldn’t keep my arms up so I went to racked squats)
12K Snatch (30 per arm)
12K Triple Crush
12K tactical Lunge
Heavy Bag X 3

I was exhausted

I’ll try to post some thought for the coming month(s) over the rest of the week.