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“I thought it was a gadget…”

Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on May 6, 2007

I needed to workout today, however, I have limited facilities on Sunday and have had some trouble focusing lately. So I decided to keep it light and fun. It will help me prepare/recover for next weekend as well as get me thinking about the following weeks in which my workout will change dramatically.

2 minutes exercise/2 minutes rest 16KB
juggle X 5
snatches (got 30 per hand)
H2H swings (DARC, got 36 per hand)
14 minuts of exercise
I intended to just do the juggling thinking I would be a wreck after that, actually I was feeling just a little ways past warmed up. So I threw in the snatches and DARCs thinking that would do it. Honestly I’m still pretty fresh. I guess this means that I need to work on improving my recovery in all facets, not jsut on a day to day basis but a set to set basis. Because when I do this stuff with 1 mintue rest, I am broken, two mintes and I feel like I can’t get to the next set fast enough. I guess 1:30 would be a good compromise to consider.

After my first set of juggling, I was hanging out, resting, just waiting. A couple on bikes came past and the guy, the front bike, asks what I have. I said it was a kettlebell. It was pretty clear  that the name didn’t mean anything. He comes to a fast stop, his wife almost plows into him cause he gave her no signal. So I grab the bell and hand it to him. “Whoa, I thought it was a gadet or something, some kind of electronic toy you know!”
“Nope, just a weight.”
He said oh and rode on. I guess it wasn’t as neat as he thought.

Speaking of which I watched Rocky Balboa last night, that was awful.

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