Anvil or Hammer

Weekend strong

Posted in Rest and Recovery by Mike on April 22, 2007

Lotsa recovery this weekend, I have found it’s about impossible for me to sleep a full eight hours after the last couple years of less. I got 5-6 miles of walking in with the dog, she’s exhausted 🙂 . Preparing for visiting realtives is going very well.

I look forward to a couple more days off before the event. Some chores to do but not a lot. Some good food to be eaten, good recovery and a workout or two.

Also, Stephen’s site is coming along. The technical stuff is done. I need to adjust some things. Also I got the first chunk of a document done that I will convert to HTML at some point as refernce to all new trainingsyndicate bloggers.

oh, anyone know any reasonably priced computer video editing software? Just cuts, fades and maybe text.