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Posted in Gym Strength,Technical Update by Mike on April 21, 2007

Paid Time Off – yup

Hit the gym last night for my two Hall Monitor session. I figured I’d do what training I could, knowing full well that it wouldn’t be a full, Full session.

Trapbar deads, work up to 610 once. I went for two but I didn’t have it in me.
True Power squat, just cause, worked up to 405
Olympic squat 405
Walkouts 595 – not really a lot of weight just doing stuff here

snatches 60K a bunch
DARC swings – 100 16K
30lb dumbell curls  12
dips – 13 (since I missed it last time)
DARC swings 2 minutes (uknown count)
Situps 16Kkb 20

throw in some jumping rope, 3 X 2minutes and a some general playing with weights and you have it all.  i’m still tired. The weather is beautiful so I’ll get some walks in but no much else on the training front, at least until Monday.

and yes, I will enjoy my vacation.

oh, and stephens blog is is well under construction. All the pieces are there (or uploading as I type). There will be some tweaking to match the look he wants (he picked some really nice themes. It makes me want to look for a new theme) and his comfort and style for using the computer. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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