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The UB has a Wii?

Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on April 18, 2007

Aparently the university gym I go to on Tuesdays has a Wii available. I’m gonna try it sometime. Weird.

Let’s see if I can remember it all
Kettlebells 2minutes on 1 minute off

  1. double alternating snatch 12K
  2. tactical lungeĀ  24K
  3. double clean and jerk 16K
  4. Flip Squat 16K
  5. DARC swings 16K
  6. figure 8 – sling shot 16K
  7. Sumo deadlift 24K
  8. double snatch (simultaneous) 24K

I gotta say, trying to write my own circuits is hard. It gives me respect for folks like Anthony of AoS who develop the ones for the masses. I think it would be a hard thing to get right for people you have never met.
Bag work
1 minute on 30 seconds off, 5 rounds

Oh and over at asecondchance blog, he’s looking for salad making advice. Lend a hand.