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Lift Strong Part III

Posted in Technical Update by Mike on April 14, 2007

It came yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to read anything in it but here is the table of contents:

  1. Alwyn Cosgrove – The Cancer Diaries
  2. Adam Campbell – How to spot and expert
  3. Alan Aragon – Nutrition for general health is only as complicated as you make it
  4. Bill Hartman – Training deficiencies for increased strength
  5. Bob youngs – 7 considerations for goal setting
  6. Brain Grasso – Art of coaching
  7. Chad Waterbury – 369 method
  8. Charles Staley – Why I don’t want to powerclean
  9. Chris Mohr – Exercise for cancer patients
  10. Chris Sugart – Display adaptability
  11. Craig Ballantyne – Fat loss for busy men & women
  12. Dan Jon – Training programs are great
  13. Dave Tate – Back to the future
  14. Dax Moy – Integrated movement
  15. Doorman – Lifting the training veil
  16. Eric Cressey – Build the athelete
  17. Gray Cook & Brett Jones – Safe Strength
  18. Harry Selkow – Quitting is not so easy
  19. Jack Reape – Frequency
  20. James Smith – Considerations of planning training
  21. Jason C. Brown – Kettlebell Training for Sport
  22. Jason Ferruggia – Optimal vs Reality
  23. Jim – Smitty – Smith -COT
  24. Jimmy smith – Management post breast cancer
  25. Jo DeFranco – NFL linebacker in-season strength program
  26. Joe Dowdell – Recovery & Regeneration
  27. Joe Stankowski – Quest for the golden monkey
  28. John Alvino – Themorgenesis and fat loss
  29. John Berardi – Acid base nutrition
  30. Julia Ladewski – Pre-season basketball training
  31. Keith Scott – Self Assessment
  32. Lee Taft – Olympic style lifting and explosive lifting mini-book
  33. Lori Incledon -Anemia and athletic women
  34. Lori Incledon – Scientific approach to changing body composistion
  35. Lou Schuler – you’ll always be a busboy
  36. Lyle McDonald – Abbreviated training
  37. Mark Phillipi – Ed Coan program
  38. Michael Stare DC – Fundamentals of optimal spine health
  39. Mike Boyle – The lunge
  40. Mike Mahler – High octane cardio
  41. Mike Mejia – Hard gaining made easy
  42. Mike Roberston – Goal setting
  43. Mike Russell – The secret
  44. Nick Grantham – Combat circuits
  45. Patrick Beith – Complete 40 yard dash training
  46. Pavel Tsatsouline – RKC ladder
  47. Rachel Cosgrove – Best shape of your life
  48. Robert Dos Remedios – 10 things I see in gyms today
  49. Ryan Lee – Time saving workouts
  50. Steve Shafley – Frugal training
  51. Steven Holt – The routine that worked wonders
  52. Susan Hill – the power to change
  53. TC Luoma – Corn-fed blubber
  54. TC Luoma – Heart of the matter
  55. Todd Hamer – Coaching
  56. Tony Gentilcore – The question
  57. Tony Renolds – Level one workout
  58. Zach Even-Esh – Outdoor fitness

So there you go, w have officially cracked the cover, now go out and get you copy of Lift Strong. I’ll try to post more as I read more.

6 Responses to 'Lift Strong Part III'

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  1. Chris D. said,

    Thanks for the post up mike. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take something away from this. Perhaps some new workouts. Perhaps lose some fat and get in better shape over all. And of course support a good cause.

  2. Mike said,

    I’m hoping for the same. It looks to me like there are a few articles for everyone in there. I’ve picked out at least a half dozen that I really want to get into.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    I got mine today – been busy so I’ve only read a couple articles but they were good – short but good.

  4. Mike said,

    Awesome Chris, glad to hear someone has gotten into some of it.
    Any recommendations?

  5. Scott said,

    Looks like a good read. I’m curious to hear how the ‘Ed Coan program’ chapter (37) is. Phillipi definitely knows his stuff.

  6. Mike said,

    With the way my training thoughts are going these days, I’m looking forward to the ones that are more about athleticism than lifting.

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