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The great debate

Posted in Rant,Rest and Recovery by Mike on April 13, 2007

I woke at 3:30 am yesterday morning. I had a big, nasty meal the night before with greasey onion rings. The rings decided they had had enough of this digestion business and they wanted out. It was pouring out, so I figured the outdoor workout I had planned was out.

At noon I walked the block from my office to the main hospital campus. It was beautiful out. I figured my outdoor workout was on.

As I drove home it was cooling and the clouds threatening. I figured I would try and do the outdoor workout but the dog needed walking first. Since it might rain later I needed to get he longer walk in.

I started walking the dog and it rained. The workout was off.

So I thought I might do Providence but by this point I was tired of the debate and just tired in general.

So the workout was off.

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