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Friday the Thirteenth

Posted in Cardio,Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on April 13, 2007

I had been planning on strongman this weekend but it didn’t work out, which probably worked out for the better. It means I get to workout at while I’m at the gym today. So I thought I would do it similar to last time, 1 hour heavy with low reps, 1 hour light with higher reps)

Trap bar deadlift
160 X 1
250 X 1
340 X 2
430 X 2
520 X 2
570 X Pass
590 X Pass
610 X 1 , two misses
I had planned on just pushing to 590, the weight I wanted to go for last time. I felt pretty sturdy at 520 so I decided to skip on ahead to 610. It was tough but went up. I tried again but failed. I really felt like it was my brain quiting not my muscles. I knew I had another one in me so I did it one more time, another miss, more of the same issue.

Oly Style squat
135 X 5
225 X 5
315 5 X 5
In my demented little head, I would like to dream I should be knocking this out with 405 but there is no freaking chance. Basically, my squat has stagnated over the last year. It’s because I haven’t worked it well or consistently. Also the flip to Oly squat has had something to do with it. Even now, I really need to do some more front squats, I tend to good morning a lot of reps and I think it show that my strength is more in my back than my legs.

That was hour 1, I was kinda tired and a little sweaty, now for hour two
It’s Friday the thirteenth, let’s do something for it. So I tried to think up thirteen exercises all of which I would do thirteen reps of. I’ll write what I thought up then I’ll write what I did.
16K Snatch 13/arm
Dips with 35lbs
Standing Press 40K
Pullover 72lbs
Close Grip press 72lbs
Curls 72lbs
Crunches 16K
C&J 16K kb 13/arm
Tactical Lunge 16K 13/side
Front Squat 40K
DARC Swings 16K 13/arm

What I did:
01:02 24K Snatch 13/arm *Improvement
01:30 Dips (only 10 reps) Downer
00:56 Standing Press 40K
01:37 Pullover 72lbs
Close Grip press 72lbs
01:48 OHS 40K
01:12 Curls 72lbs
01:02 Crunches 16K
02:06 C&J 16K kb 13/arm – tried the 24 but that was not gonna happen
01:25 Tactical Lunge 16K 13/side
00:37 Pushups
01:27 Front Squat 40K  – had to rest at 10 but just briefly
01:00 DARC Swings 24K 13/arm *Improvement
I was pretty happy with how it came out, a little surprised about the dips though. I’ll have to look by at my old numbers, I was thinking I would be able to do that. The I figured I’d use my stopwatch just to see how long it took me. The idea to hit the lap timer was a last minute thing. Can’t hurt.

All in all it was a good workout. I found that the little conditioning portion was harder than I expected but I recovered pretty well, we’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow. 🙂

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The great debate

Posted in Rant,Rest and Recovery by Mike on April 13, 2007

I woke at 3:30 am yesterday morning. I had a big, nasty meal the night before with greasey onion rings. The rings decided they had had enough of this digestion business and they wanted out. It was pouring out, so I figured the outdoor workout I had planned was out.

At noon I walked the block from my office to the main hospital campus. It was beautiful out. I figured my outdoor workout was on.

As I drove home it was cooling and the clouds threatening. I figured I would try and do the outdoor workout but the dog needed walking first. Since it might rain later I needed to get he longer walk in.

I started walking the dog and it rained. The workout was off.

So I thought I might do Providence but by this point I was tired of the debate and just tired in general.

So the workout was off.

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