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Scott Bird is having a party….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style,Uncategorized by Mike on April 11, 2007

a contest, I mean. Scott Bird is having a contest. 🙂

Straight to the Bar wants to see your best “Homemade” Gym equipment.
It’s pretty open as to what that means so everyone should have a shot at this. I’ll have to submit my dragging sled/tire (see picture in the left side bar). However, I realize that someone like Chris Rice pretty much has this all locked up, huh Chris Rice, Chris Rice (nudge nudge). Then again all those Farmstrength folks have an in road.

I look forward to seeing what is produced.

P.S. Scott Styles or Chris, one of you want to share the link to that page Scott made a while back of all Chris’s stuff?

Combat Training Tuesday

Posted in Cardio,Diet and Bodyweight,Kettlebells,Rest and Recovery by Mike on April 11, 2007

No, not really

I was reluctant to get in the gym yesterday. I’ve been out for a three whole days and was missing it but I still had little owwies and boo boos. Still you gotta do something. So I figured I’d just take it light and play it by ear.

I did some warmup swings (DARC style, I’ve been reading about these) and a few snatches. Started with 12K, 16K and finally 24K. I had little groans throughout the body but nothing that should be a deal breaker. Time to do something.

2 minutes for each set, rest when you can, all reps are snatches
24K  20/20
24K 15/15
16K 15/15
16K 15/15
16K 15/15
16K 15/15
12K 15/15
12K 20/20
12K 20/20

I was somewhat shocked at how quickly muscle fatigue set in with the 24K. I wasn’t even to the second set when it started to seem like awfully dang hard work. The good news is that my body felt much better after this. I still had some soreness, nothing was optimal but I think the blood flow was good. I need to do some light high reps stuff more often when I feel beat up.

Bag work 1 minute on, 30 seconds off X 5
I’m no boxer, I’m not even much of a fighter. Still, punching a bag is hard work and not too technical. Now I realize that if I wanted to be some kind of fighter, it could be technical but I don’t so it’s mostly a matter of beating the crap out of the bag.  I have some bag gloves now so there is no excuse.
I found myself easily winded and that it was tough to recover in the time allowed, which was the idea. I also found that my arms were getting very heavy by the end of this. I tried to keep moving, I tried to keep up on my toes, light on my feet. I did my best to actually take on something of fighters stance rather than just stand flat footed and swing. I would so totally get killed in a real fight.

I was pretty happy with the workout. I feel better for it, I think I needed that light stuff to get  everything working again.

I have been allowing more and more slippage on my diet, too much really. The funny thing is that I’m not eating any more or really eating worse for the most part. In reality I just get lazy and don’t eat as often. I end up missing my meal in the late morning so I just eat that plus my early afternoon/lunchtime meal together as one. I notice a difference in my bodyweight when I do this. The small meals thing really does work for me. When I don’t train, I hold steady, when I do train, I lose. When I let my meals run together, I tend to gain, not much, but gain. I find this to be true everyweekend. I end up eating 3-4 meals rather than the 6-8 I strive for. I tend to hold steady or gain a hair.
So I’m still sitting at 250, 250.2 to be exact. I had drifted up just above 251 but am down from the now. I’d really like to get below 250 and stay there. In order to do that I need to hone my diet a bit and I’ll need to try and carry it through a weekend. I think if I use some of the light weight/high rep recover stuff, that may help too.

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