Anvil or Hammer

Posted in Technical Update,Toys and tools by Mike on April 8, 2007

Well all, I started another website. Anvil or Hammer isn’t going anywhere. It will stay the same. In fact, if anything, it may become more focused. I try to keep Anvil or Hammer about my training but sometimes other things come up that I want to talk about. I have a new place for that stuff.

I built and began It is a site that is all about training blogs. It is built around the idea of taking multiple blogs and reposting their contents (with permission) in one place where people can read them all. Of course, the idea is that readers might find some new blogs they would never seek out and those blogs would gain some traffic as a result. Either way, it has been a little project I have been pecking at for some time. This blog as well as some of the others you have seen me reference or comments from the writers of are all being syndicated there right now. So please consider giving it a read. If you have thoughts and opinions, I am happy to hear about it.

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