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Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on April 6, 2007

Tonights workout was rough. I didn’t really hit some of the numbers I desired and I felt burnt pretty quick. I think I didn’t give the time spent with the tire and sandbag enough credit.

Jumprope 3 minutes straight – I’m getting better

Trapbar Deadlift
160 X 3
250 X 3
340 X 3
430 X 3
520 3 X 1 (three singles)
570 3 X 1
Did okay on these. I actually felt like I had a little left in me, I wanted to push on to 590 but decided to save that for next time. Luke’s comment about forgetting how to roundback lift was spot on. I was doing a bit more round back today, it was a little funky though. A little more practice with these and some sandbag work and I may actually pull those big nasty farmers handles off the ground (33o per arm I think).

O Squats
135 X 5
225 X 5
315  3 X 5
These were U-G-L-Y. My form was crap, I was half good mourning-ing most of them. I actually came in with the intent of going for 405 5 X 5. It was apparent to me that this would not happen so I settled in for 315 5 X 5. My form was so bad, it seemed stupid to go on. I think my nervous system is where I was failing. I had/have the strength, I just couldn’t pull myself together.

At this point, I had been in the gym for an hour. I had told myself, one hour of heavy lifting with lots of rest, then switch gears and get some conditioning on.
Kettlebell Snatch 24K ( I wanted to use the 32K but it owned me) X 5/hand
Standing Press 60K X 5
Standing Lunges 60K Barbell x 5/leg
Repeat the above as a slow ciruit 5 times
I did this with the intent of getting a little winded and very tired. I got both, although I got winded earlier than expected and took a short (1-2 minute) breather after set 3. I timed set 4, it took a full 3 minutes and 12 seconds, that is a long time. Then I pushed for set five, that set hurt a bit. I got done and was done. 20 minutes had passed since the squats, including setup, not too bad, I guess.

I got tired of waiting for my shift to be over and did some situps, I should do more of these.
Incline situp X 20
Leg raises X 20

I was pretty much done. I think I’m gonna take the whole weekend off from training. I’ll get some 40K swings in but nothing serious. Just focus on walking and eating right. Try to recover for Tuesdays beating.


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  1. Scott said,

    I’m getting tired just reading about it. Seems like I should be upping the volume a bit.

    With the farmers handles vs trap bar, I imagine the handles will swing about a bit once you get moving (or really, when you go to turn or stop). It’ll be interesting to see how a 660 trap bar lift compares to 2 x 330 handles.

  2. Mike said,

    You’re absolutely right about the volume. For the next month, though, I’m gonna keep it about the same. When the strongman contest passes, then the volume goes up and stays up for a while.
    I’m having the great debate about the handles too. It’s a mixed bag, each handle can move independently on you, but they also hang more appropriately for each person’s body. So it’s a toss up. Only lifting some handles will tell.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Sounds like you’re sort of borderline on recovering – keep an eye on it. Other than that – looking good!

  4. Mike said,


    I totally agree with you. I think I have slowly but surely compounded my recovery issues and have never quite let them sort themselves out. I’mhoping these three days will help.
    I’m becoming convinced that hard and heavy training and dieting are a horrible mix.

  5. brent said,

    i’m running a little cold with the squats too … probably going to take 4-5 days off from doing anything heavy before i have another go

  6. Mike said,

    Sounds like a good plan Brent. Sometimes these little off days do us much more good than any on day could.

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