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First outdoor workout….

Posted in Dinsoaur Style by Mike on April 6, 2007

….and it sucked.

I forced this workout and it showed. I was gonna go out and do sandbags, tire and kettlebell. I got to the park and started to set up but the weather was just nasty; cold, windy, crap. I tried anyway. Did some dragging of the tire, did some snatches with the 24K KB just for warming up, mucked about with sandbags a bit. The weather was getting worse. I decided to stay warm I better get to work.

roughly 60-70yrds with the tire
20 kb snatches 24K
backwith the tire
three attempts to clean and press the 200lb sandbag (got the cleans but the presses weren’t happening)
length with the tire
20 reps with the Kettlebell
back with the tire
three more attempts at the sandbag

At this point, I was not staying warm, I was getting cold. I decided I had had enough. I put it all away. In the putting away process I did clean and press the sandbag at 150lbs and then I remembered why I liked it so much. It’s hard to get that thing overhead, it’s uneven I ‘m wobbling and pressing and not much is happening, then it goes. It’s much harder than any barbell.

Tonight I work the gym. I think it’ll be a smoker.

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