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Super light

Posted in Cardio,Kettlebells by Mike on April 4, 2007

Last eve I went for my kettlebell workout at the Uni. I wasn’t feeling up for a heavy one since my back has some little muscle that is angry but getting better. I opted to stay light but go very high reps. My mantra was ‘work the heart and lungs not the back’.

Double snatches (one kettlebell in each hand)
8K X 20
12K X 20

Alternating snatches
8K X 20
12K X 20

Then I decided to go for a ladder, one minute per set, 12K kettlebell (only one), number of reps is per hand:
Sets of 1 through 11 Not bad, felt like I had too much free time but I figured I would pay later
Set 12 – here I started to sweat
Set 13, 14 – still sweating, the clock is gaining on me, I have less and less time to rest
Set 15 – I’m about to fall behind so I stop resting, I finish in 50 seconds and go right on to set 16 and so on
Set 16,17 – I’m losing ground but still keeping up with the clock
Sets 18,19- My grip in my left hand wants to fail, my left bicep hurts and I am officially behind the clock, no rest is allowed, I’m not gonna catch up but I don’t want to get too far behind
Set 20 – Thank goodness, I’m almost done, all the same  aches and pains as before and I’m running out of air and fuel.
Set 21 – For this set I only do ten reps, it was planned that way,  I didn’t bail out or anything.  I finish this set at 23 1/2 minutes, roughly.

Then I went to discover that the showers have no hot water. Another workout to itself.

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