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The plan Stan

This is a whole bunch of stuff about me….

First, my weight is right around 250 these days. I had a tiny rebound with recovering from being ill, I got all the way up to 251.8, since then it has been on a slow decline again. This morning I was 250.6/250.8 (the scale couldn’t decide) . I have found myself furiously hungry a lot. My solution has been to eat roughly the same amount of food, maybe a tad more but I eat it more often and in smaller portions. For example, I used to have a pretty traditional lunch. About 11:00 I would eat a salad with dressing, some kind of entree and a cup of coffee. Now I eat salad at 11 but don’t eat my entree until 12:30 or 1, somewhere in there I have green tea. I feel like I am eating almost all the time, to the point that it is a challenge to get all the food in for the day. I’m never really hungry or full, I just always want to to eat. This seems to be working for now, so we’ll go with it.

I’m reworking my workouts a little bit for a little bit. I have three goals in mind: Combat overtraining, allow for a variety of training and meet other life needs by rescheduling a bit. So, for a while, I am trying out:
Monday – Off
Tuesday – Double kettlebell work
Wednesday – Off/maybe a little light work
Thursday – outside whenever possible, otherwise kettlebells
Friday – heavy and long workout, most weeks
Saturday – off/light except weeks when I do strongman, then this is my tough day instead of Friday
Sunday – moderate workout, outside when possible otherwise kettlebells

So as you can see, I won’t be in the gym a whole lot, one to two time a week. I plan to do some heavy sandbag stuff to offset that but that means I need to hit some heavy squats when I am in the gym. Also, “off” means walk. I walk my dog everyday, on training days we get a half an hour to forty-five minutes over two sessions. Off days mean 90 minutes to two hours over three sessions. I’m still working with her on the leash so we don’t cover as much ground as we could but we are working on it. I hope to get her better trained so we can hit the local train and cover 3 or 4 miles once or twice a week.

Today’s kettlebell session is in Jeopardy. On the first overhead press I did Sunday, I felt something tweak. I didn’t really feel it for the rest of the day so I didn’t worry about it. I felt it that night and yesterday. Today I can feel a it a bit. I’m going to give it a try tonight. If it feels wrong, I’ll go find a treadmill or something. Maybe I’ll get pumped in the weightroom. It’s all by feel at this point. If I take it easy today, I’ll take it easy tomorrow too and be back at it Thursday.

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