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Big dogs

Posted in Strongman by Mike on April 1, 2007

I headed down to the house of the promoter of our local strongman meets. Met some of my favorite people there. A good time was had by all. Worked a fire hydrant carry that with in the mid 200’s. That thing is aweful. If you are ever in a contest that calls for it, you MUST train on a hydrant, accept no substitutes. I also did an anchor chain drag, much nicer than I expected there. Last, I loaded a 270lb stone. Oh, after last, I flipped the tire three times that now weighs something like 700 lbs, that thing sucks. It was a good time and I am tired, it’s a good thing.

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  1. Chris D. said,

    Sounds like a good time if you ask me! 🙂 Not that I could have lifted any of it, but it sounds like a good time!

  2. Mike said,

    It was a good time. For the most part strongman competitors are fun to train with. It’s nice to occasionally get in a with different group of guys and see what they are capable of. The weights were tough, unfortunately, not contest weight. A month to go and I’m not there.

  3. Scott said,

    A fire hydrant sounds like a great thing to play with. Is the weight fairly evenly distributed?

  4. Mike said,

    in a word, no. The one I was using was better, it was just filled with concrete. The heavier one is top heavy from what I am told. What you have to consider though is that it wants to spin. There are those three knobs poking out that I think are on all hydrants. It wants to point the middle one down. If it does this, one knob is pointing away from you, the other flies up in a most uncomfortable of places. You also have to carry it just right, you end up carrying it at an angle, in the crook of one arm with your other hand under it.. Too low and it rest on your legs and you can’t walk. Too high and it pushes every last ounce of breath out of you as you walk and you can’t complete the walk. That is why you have to train on one if you are going to compete on one.
    I don’t think the hydrant falls anywhere near my idea of fun.

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