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He said it, not me

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 22, 2007

“If you want a conditioning workout, do a conditioning workout.” – Scott Styles

I didn’t feel like going heavy yesterday.  So I thought I would try to push my conditioning a little.

Incorrect Breathing Squats 100K
I set out to do what I thought where breathing squats, one rep, one breathe, two reps (for grand total of 3), two breathes, 3 and 3 and so on. I was wrong but that’s okay, it was still hard. I decided to try and do a ladder, I failed at that cause it was a lot harder than anticipated
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Here I was planning on going back down to 5 but  I couldn’t get my breath under control. I could do more reps, but I wanted to try to do them with a steady breath so I set the bar down
16K KB snatches 3 X 10 per arm
Return to the bar 5 reps
16K B snatches 2 X 10 per arm
Return to the bar 4,3
16K KB snatches 10 reps per arm
Return to the bar 2,1
Now I wasn’t exactly running to and from the bar, just walking, breathing, trying to get things under control, but I wasn’t slacking either.

Romanian Deadlift (Dan John Style) 100K /Single pullup 5 sets

Standing Press/Back Jerk 60K
I was shooting for 5 sets of five on each. I was taking my last press and just dropping it to by back and going from there. At the end of tha back jerks I would just drop to bar and take a breather. That was much harder than expected.

I got all that done in about a half an hour. A good workout, my legs are feeling it a bit today. I figured I had a little time to kill so:
Dumbell Curls 35lb 3 X 10

That was it, I went home. About 45 minutes in the gym. A good sweat builder, breathe stealer and even a little bit of strength work.

Return to Providence

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 19, 2007

I did AoS Providence again. I used the 16K kettlebell and got through it all pretty well. I do have to admit to kinda dogging it on the last 20 seconds of abs, I suck at abs due to neglecting them for long period of time. Thema nd bi’s need a little work. I feel like I really completed the workout. I hit more reps than prescribed on almost every workout and other than the abs, only had to set the bell down to regrip on one exercise where you hold it upside down, by the bell. I got 90 snatches on the 3 minute snatch test at the end. Well, number 90 probably didn’t quite make it in the time limit but still. I was busting my butt to get there. I couldn’t have pushed on that is for sure. 100 would be cool but I think I’m gonna hit it one more time with the 16K and move on up to the 24K. That will make it a really rough 45 minutes, really rough. 

Laura did the workout too. She is a little less familiar with kettlebells than I am and says that some of the exercises are confusing to a novice, I think that is really reasonable. It took a few tries for me on a couple of them. Other than that, it is a darn good workout and you can get pretty wore out by the end.

Other good news, kettlebells are in the area. I don’t quite have them yet but will , then I will brag them up. 🙂

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The grind

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on March 19, 2007

Alot and nothing

I had to work this weekend so no training was done, which is probably good cause those two hour Fridays can really take it out of me. I’m not feeling the love for some heavy lifting today so I’m gonna go home to do some AoS:Providence. By no means a slacker workout but I find it useful to have someone telling me what to do and for how long when I’m not feeling up to a heavy workout.

I’ve relaxed a bit on my diet these last two weeks and it has basically caused my weight to stagnate. I’m sitting at 253 and have consistently for that time. I have let myself get lazy, not prepare my food and take some of the easy, less healthy options. I also have a bad habit of drinking a lot of calories and that has been slipping. I haven’t started in on soda or anything but a lot of hot chocolates, tea or coffee with sugar and milk, that kind of thing.

I guess I need to get back on the wagon this week.


Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 16, 2007

Two hours in the gym, I didn’t expect anyone else to show up because of weather but all the usuals were in.


70K X 5
120K X 3
160K X 3
200K X 1, probably not a complete squat, I think I stopped short at the bottom.

Front Squats
60K X some
I was actually trying to go bigger but I couldn’t do it from the rack, I’m just totally uncomfortable there.
I did work some reps from the front squat where you cross your arms over your chest. I need to work on my form

Rack Pulls
135lbs X 3
225 X 3
315  2 X 3
405 2 X 3
455 Fail
managed to shred my manicured calluses here and split my left ring finger in a weird spot, nothing serious, just odd.

I wanted to try doing my own 2minutes on 1 minute off routine here. It didn’t work
Front Squat 2 minutes
Push Press, not quite 2 minutes

now I just started to mess around
curls 30lb dumbell 3 X 10
dips 3 X 10
romain chair situps 10
back hypers 10
Trap bar deadlift, worked up to 520 from a rack
Kettlebell tactical lunges 5 X 3
Overheard barbell lunges (just the bar) 3 X 3
long jumps 5 X 3

That’s most of it. I didn’t really write it down and didn’t honestly have much of plan so it’s hodge podge.
I did manage to knock out two consecutive tactical style pullups, twice. So that was an accomplishment.

I have to work Sunday so I don’t know that I’ll get any other training in this weekend.

You either do or you do not do

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 14, 2007

Time for a ten minute test.

I have to say walking into the park I was thinking about all my little owwies and ouchies that would hinder my performance in this. I was thinking, “Maybe today isn’t the best day, I could do this next week”. I was resolute. So I began, my goal was 175 snatches total.

The nice thing about a snatch test and other things like them is that before long you have to put all that other stuff out of your mind. Before long owwies and booboos go away and you are just breathing and working. My first sets of 20 I realized my hands were sweating already and the bell was getting slick and, oops, I left my chalk bag in the car. I considered that I might run for it if I really needed it. About rep 60 I was feeling it in the hands and was thinking I was screwed, I would never make my goal. Then I realized two minutes had just passed. After rep 80 I thought I was unstopable, I had another 7 minutes and was rockin’. I just barely missed 120 reps at the halfway point and was starting to feel things. by rep 140 I was starting to tire, 10 reps per hand per set was a chore. I started in with sets of five. At rep 160 I wasn’t sure if I could make it, I had time but different muscle groups wanted to quit. Sets became of whatever number I could hang on to. My goal was 175. My final count was 185. I probably should have been docked a couple for dropping the bell at the end of some of my sets. We’ll call it 175 clean repetitions. I made my goal.

 175 is nothing to write home about, if you want to be a man you need to be hitting 200 but for a first go from a 253lb fatboy it not bad. I feel like I worked hard today. I feel good.

There is a quote from Henry Rollins on the Albumn “A Clockwork Orange Stage” that I can’t seem to find right now so I will do my best. “You either do or you do not do, some people came to play others came to drive away!” I played.

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First Official Paint Your Kettlebell Contest Entry

Posted in Images,Kettlebells by Mike on March 14, 2007

Fruits of my Labor

Congratulations to Nia, she is the first OFFICIAL entry into the paint your kettlebell contest. That’s right, you are all being beat by a girl :-). I gotta say Nia gets props for the gold dusting of the name, I’m curious as to how she achieved that effect.

Come one, come all, I’m ready for your entries.

New Training Partner

Posted in Rant,Rest and Recovery by Mike on March 14, 2007

TrainingPartner Meet my new training partner, Bernie. She’s gonna force me to take walks everyday, rain or shine. She’s really into anabolic training. She’s got me sprinting across the park for reps. I haven’t yet taught her how to say Tabata. How do you say Tabata?

Compy Reborn

Posted in Toys and tools by Mike on March 14, 2007

 My compy finally arrived. WooHoo. It was all I could do to not take the day off of work and do some serious catching up on interwebs stuff today. Pictures are below, the screen is mindnumbingly large and tower is small. Oh, and nevermind the rats nest of cables behind the tower. I just slammed it together, clean up will come later.

Screen CPU

Paint your kettlbell contest is half over

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 12, 2007

Just a reminder to everyone that the Paint Your Kettlebell Contest , cohosted and sponsored by Art of Strength, ends in two weeks. So far the only completed bell that I know of has been shown on this site. Scott Bird is working on another. We need at least two more competitors to have a contest, four is the minimum. You don’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be expensive and, most important, you get a stylish bell out of the process. So comment here, let me know how you are coming. As one in four competitors you have a good chance of winning the prize.

little on, little off

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 11, 2007

Strongman today.

Opened up really well I picked up a 245 lb stone and put it to my right shoulder, something I have always wanted to do. Very cool.
I worked a few overhead squats with Luke, mostly as a warm up to the log (Luke worked the OHS up to near 2X his bodyweight, I was only doing the reps that were like 50% bodyweight).
Big Red (240lb 13or so inch log)
deadlift X 2
clean and jerk miss, miss, Good
+5 lbs, miss X 10
I just kept bombing this until I couldn’t clean it any longer. I think it was probably ten reps. I was pretty bummed to no hit the jerk, the olympic jerk stuff I have been doing is not been helpful. I think I need to start doing some rack jerks or something, start loading some heavy weights into the front position.
Farmer Deadlift
255/arm, 275/arm – this was much harder than I anticipated. Much harder than it should have been. Luke pointed out that I am not rounding my back anymore. It’s about time to bust out the bags so I can work the round back. However I also found that the grip is killing me, my grip has always sucked so I gotta work that a lot. I also need to condition the handskin a bit. This lift hurst as much as it is hard. I have a lot to do here.

All in all, I got to do something cool but I didn’t do well on any of the things I actually need to be improving on. Some of my gym lifting and especially olympic lifting is not paying off strength wise for this. There are other payoffs there but I’m not seeing them here. So some of those things may go on hold for a bit and I’ll return to them at a better time.

For this week though, I will get a bit of rest.

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