Anvil or Hammer

Long Two Hours

Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 31, 2007

Had my two hours at the gym last eve. I was feeling pretty draggy from the week, being sick and Thursdays workout. I got in a few minutes of jumping rope, did some snatches (60K), some power cleans (60K & 80K). I did some rack pulls, I am amazed that I can rack pull LESS than I deadlift. I’ve tested it a number of times and consistently I rack pull 50lbs less than I deadlift. I guess I need to do more rack pulls and work the range of rack pulls. I did some pullups and got a couple sets of two in there, probably did 10 total. I did some curls and some kettlebell snatches and I was pretty much done. Pretty weak overall.

Took today off for the most part. We have been working on getting our dog to walk better on a leash. We finally worked her up to a two miler today. Tomorrow I’m headed to the promter of the local strongman event’s house for some training. Should be good but rough.