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That’s a lotta….paint

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 25, 2007

We recieved the second official entry into the kettlebell painting contest, Charley Allen. An A for effort is certain and the bells look darn good. Outstanding entry.


12kg_Ader  16kg_Ader  20kg_ader  24kg_DD  24kg_ader  28kg_ader

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Those look great! Are the handles sanded?

    I’m digging the styling of the Ader kettlebells. The handle shape looks very consistent, quite a bit nicer than the Power Max bells I’ve got.

  2. Scott,

    The handles are stripped and are lightly sanded. The Ader handles are more or less nice out of the box. The chemical stripper got onto the handles so I stripped and sanded them, but in retrospect, I could have covered the handles with saran wrap, taped them, and preserved the Ader finish. Either way is good.

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