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The grind

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on March 19, 2007

Alot and nothing

I had to work this weekend so no training was done, which is probably good cause those two hour Fridays can really take it out of me. I’m not feeling the love for some heavy lifting today so I’m gonna go home to do some AoS:Providence. By no means a slacker workout but I find it useful to have someone telling me what to do and for how long when I’m not feeling up to a heavy workout.

I’ve relaxed a bit on my diet these last two weeks and it has basically caused my weight to stagnate. I’m sitting at 253 and have consistently for that time. I have let myself get lazy, not prepare my food and take some of the easy, less healthy options. I also have a bad habit of drinking a lot of calories and that has been slipping. I haven’t started in on soda or anything but a lot of hot chocolates, tea or coffee with sugar and milk, that kind of thing.

I guess I need to get back on the wagon this week.


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  1. Scott said,

    I found that when I switched from black -> green tea, I stopped adding milk to my hot drinks. Green tea + milk just isn’t right.

    As for sugar, you’ll find that you lose the taste for it very quickly. Try going without it (without adding it to stuff, that is) for a couple of weeks. Chances are you’ll keep on going.

    That DVD sounds like a good one. Now I just need to put a TV in the home gym 🙂

  2. Scott Styles said,

    Working on the weekend sucks. It always throws me off.

    If you really like your hot chocolate or coffee a certain way, I don’t think you have to give it up. Just balance it with the other food choices. I usually keep a rough total in my head and even it out as the day goes on.

    For instance, since this morning I got two bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, lunch was crackers, cottage cheese, carrots, lettuce, and a yogurt. Later I had a bunch of grapes. The high volume, low calorie foods balanced the calorie dense bagels. I liked it all, too.

  3. Mike said,

    I like my hot chocolate and coffee but I gotta admit to drinking them sometimes just because it sounds good, not that I”m hungry or need a little sugar spike. In the past I have been better at limiting myself to one a day or something like that but sometimes I let it get out of control. That’s really what I need to avoid. I’ve tried some green tea in the past and need been able to make the switch, I still have some around, I may give it another shot. hear many good things about green tea.
    One thing I forgot to mention aboutthe caloric drinks, fruit juice. I find fruit juice makes a huge difference. Normally I don’t drink much but if we get a gallon of Orange Juice I can down the whole thing in a day or two, that is a lot of calories. I really don’t get much value from the vitamins within, I have those needs covered, so it ends up being little better than soda. The fact they put high fructose corn syrup in most of them doesn’t help.
    I do keep a rough tally of what I eat in a day in my head, it helps that most of it stays the same. (oats, flax, milk, yogurt, amy’s organic burrito,spinach salad, homemade chicken strips) but I ahve trouble making anything meaningful out of it. I have tried keeping a food log, I have taken a college nutrition course adn I’ve read books but I have never been able to make it applicable.
    The Providence workout is very good. I’ll post about tonight very soon. I’ve never been one for recorded workouts but so far this works. In the truest moment of inspiration, AoS offers an MP3 version. I actually heard that before I bought the DVD. Most, if not all, of the exercise can be found on the internet so you could do it without the DVD. I found, when I watched it after listening, that there were some details (like two hands versus one or holding the bell a different way) that I either did not catch or they skipped in the MP3 so it helps to see the DVD but wouldn’t be neccessary.

  4. Scott said,

    An mp3 version sounds like a great idea. Look forward to the review.

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