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Return to Providence

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 19, 2007

I did AoS Providence again. I used the 16K kettlebell and got through it all pretty well. I do have to admit to kinda dogging it on the last 20 seconds of abs, I suck at abs due to neglecting them for long period of time. Thema nd bi’s need a little work. I feel like I really completed the workout. I hit more reps than prescribed on almost every workout and other than the abs, only had to set the bell down to regrip on one exercise where you hold it upside down, by the bell. I got 90 snatches on the 3 minute snatch test at the end. Well, number 90 probably didn’t quite make it in the time limit but still. I was busting my butt to get there. I couldn’t have pushed on that is for sure. 100 would be cool but I think I’m gonna hit it one more time with the 16K and move on up to the 24K. That will make it a really rough 45 minutes, really rough. 

Laura did the workout too. She is a little less familiar with kettlebells than I am and says that some of the exercises are confusing to a novice, I think that is really reasonable. It took a few tries for me on a couple of them. Other than that, it is a darn good workout and you can get pretty wore out by the end.

Other good news, kettlebells are in the area. I don’t quite have them yet but will , then I will brag them up. 🙂

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The grind

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight by Mike on March 19, 2007

Alot and nothing

I had to work this weekend so no training was done, which is probably good cause those two hour Fridays can really take it out of me. I’m not feeling the love for some heavy lifting today so I’m gonna go home to do some AoS:Providence. By no means a slacker workout but I find it useful to have someone telling me what to do and for how long when I’m not feeling up to a heavy workout.

I’ve relaxed a bit on my diet these last two weeks and it has basically caused my weight to stagnate. I’m sitting at 253 and have consistently for that time. I have let myself get lazy, not prepare my food and take some of the easy, less healthy options. I also have a bad habit of drinking a lot of calories and that has been slipping. I haven’t started in on soda or anything but a lot of hot chocolates, tea or coffee with sugar and milk, that kind of thing.

I guess I need to get back on the wagon this week.