Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Gym Strength by Mike on March 16, 2007

Two hours in the gym, I didn’t expect anyone else to show up because of weather but all the usuals were in.


70K X 5
120K X 3
160K X 3
200K X 1, probably not a complete squat, I think I stopped short at the bottom.

Front Squats
60K X some
I was actually trying to go bigger but I couldn’t do it from the rack, I’m just totally uncomfortable there.
I did work some reps from the front squat where you cross your arms over your chest. I need to work on my form

Rack Pulls
135lbs X 3
225 X 3
315  2 X 3
405 2 X 3
455 Fail
managed to shred my manicured calluses here and split my left ring finger in a weird spot, nothing serious, just odd.

I wanted to try doing my own 2minutes on 1 minute off routine here. It didn’t work
Front Squat 2 minutes
Push Press, not quite 2 minutes

now I just started to mess around
curls 30lb dumbell 3 X 10
dips 3 X 10
romain chair situps 10
back hypers 10
Trap bar deadlift, worked up to 520 from a rack
Kettlebell tactical lunges 5 X 3
Overheard barbell lunges (just the bar) 3 X 3
long jumps 5 X 3

That’s most of it. I didn’t really write it down and didn’t honestly have much of plan so it’s hodge podge.
I did manage to knock out two consecutive tactical style pullups, twice. So that was an accomplishment.

I have to work Sunday so I don’t know that I’ll get any other training in this weekend.