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New Training Partner

Posted in Rant,Rest and Recovery by Mike on March 14, 2007

TrainingPartner Meet my new training partner, Bernie. She’s gonna force me to take walks everyday, rain or shine. She’s really into anabolic training. She’s got me sprinting across the park for reps. I haven’t yet taught her how to say Tabata. How do you say Tabata?

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  1. Scott said,

    Walking the dog is definitely underrated as an exercise. So is throwing a ball for that matter.

    I’ve never actually heard anyone say Tabata, so I’m not quite sure how it’s pronounced. I say ta-BAH-ta (to rhyme with Jakarta).

  2. Mike said,

    I would assume that is how you say it but, like you, have never actually heard it used in a sentence. Being American, I tend to underaccent my words so I kinda accent the middle of the word but not much so it’s almost an unaccented word.

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