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Compy Reborn

Posted in Toys and tools by Mike on March 14, 2007

 My compy finally arrived. WooHoo. It was all I could do to not take the day off of work and do some serious catching up on interwebs stuff today. Pictures are below, the screen is mindnumbingly large and tower is small. Oh, and nevermind the rats nest of cables behind the tower. I just slammed it together, clean up will come later.

Screen CPU

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  1. Scott said,

    I love the feeling of getting a new machine and setting it up. Those Dell monitors are nice, aren’t they.

  2. Mike said,

    Freaking huge is what they are:-)
    I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve on Monday eve, looking out the window for the FedEx truck long after they would have come by. When I did receive it last eve I had to head out to take a test in my class. I had the thing 4 hours before I could begin on it. Test of will I guess.

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