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little on, little off

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 11, 2007

Strongman today.

Opened up really well I picked up a 245 lb stone and put it to my right shoulder, something I have always wanted to do. Very cool.
I worked a few overhead squats with Luke, mostly as a warm up to the log (Luke worked the OHS up to near 2X his bodyweight, I was only doing the reps that were like 50% bodyweight).
Big Red (240lb 13or so inch log)
deadlift X 2
clean and jerk miss, miss, Good
+5 lbs, miss X 10
I just kept bombing this until I couldn’t clean it any longer. I think it was probably ten reps. I was pretty bummed to no hit the jerk, the olympic jerk stuff I have been doing is not been helpful. I think I need to start doing some rack jerks or something, start loading some heavy weights into the front position.
Farmer Deadlift
255/arm, 275/arm – this was much harder than I anticipated. Much harder than it should have been. Luke pointed out that I am not rounding my back anymore. It’s about time to bust out the bags so I can work the round back. However I also found that the grip is killing me, my grip has always sucked so I gotta work that a lot. I also need to condition the handskin a bit. This lift hurst as much as it is hard. I have a lot to do here.

All in all, I got to do something cool but I didn’t do well on any of the things I actually need to be improving on. Some of my gym lifting and especially olympic lifting is not paying off strength wise for this. There are other payoffs there but I’m not seeing them here. So some of those things may go on hold for a bit and I’ll return to them at a better time.

For this week though, I will get a bit of rest.

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