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AoS Providence again

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 8, 2007

I just could not work up the motivation to go to the gym. The idea of an “upper body” day sounded so…boring. So, instead, I went home and did Art of Strength – Providence again. I’m glad I did too. I went all the way through with a 16kg kettlebell. I was doing really well till round 8, squats, they started to smoke me. Round nine was the first one where I fell behind. I spent the rest of the tape trying to keep up. I did manage to knock out 80 reps on the 3 minute snatch test (25, 25, 10, 10, 5, 5) at the end.

I think in a couple months of hitting that once a week and doing some other work another time a week, I’ll be ready for the next tape. In the mean time I may play with using the 24K for a couple of the exercises as I near being able to do the whole thing.

I also have two more kettlebells on their way soon. 32 and 40Kilos.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    🙂 Two kettlebells! I’d love to hear how the 40k made it into that order.

  2. brent said,

    my school has bumper plates but nothing i can jerk from, there are power cages but the floor is carpeted

    the commercial gym i go to has some kind of rubber matting and half-racks, i’m probably not supposed to use those to jerk from but fortunately no one has complained

    it’s been a long while since i’ve had an “upper body” training session, too … jerking from the rack is the first time i’ve done anything specific and i’m suffering for it

    a lot of the times it is pretty boring though, i just don’t get drenched in a cold, shock-induced sweat like i’m so accustomed to with basically everything else

  3. brent said,

    btw 80 reps for something like the snatch is a lot of snatching, and in 3 minutes, was that hard?

  4. Mike said,

    It was kind of an impulse thing. I was kinda sick of my whining. Dan is placing a large order with Ader kettlebells ( and offered to let me jump on in. At first I was gonna say no but I decided to go for it. I figured I bought my 24K when I could do 100 swings with the 16K. I can do 100 snatches with the 24 so it is definitely time to move up in the world. I also have been looking into another training session with Dan. As we emailed about it he referred me to: . I have been thinking about working on the 10 minute snatch test anyway. I was surprised to see they had a listing for the 40K. I think that was what finally pushed it over the edge. How hard is it to snatch 40K for ten minutes. I gotta think it is amazingly hard, beyond hard. That’s pretty much what sealed the deal.

    So, Does your school have a whole mess of bumpers and nowhere to use them? I know a local school supposedly spent nearly $100,000 on bumpers and refuses to let anyone do any olympic lifts with them for fear of damaging them. If they’ll let you clean at least, you can do some jerks from there.
    I’ve found that in most health clubs, as long as I don’t drop the weights no one cares. I’ve seen exceptions to that. For the most part, people just get out of your way when you move anything over 200lbs and are not doing it on the bench. Then they stare.
    80 reps with a 16K kettlebell in 3 minutes wasn’t too bad. I got a winded pretty good but I expected that. I don’t think it compared in anyway to 100 reps with the 24 in 5 minutes. That was way more of a killer. The biggest challenge in the 3 minute test at the end of those tapes is that you have already been working out for 42 minutes and so you’re getting tired, you may already be winded and muscles are starting to get sore.
    I don’t see any kettlebells in your blog. I wouldn’t really recommend you run out and buy a ton but go online and try to find someone in your area with a few and get a workout in. It can be a lot of fun and a change of pace that is nice.

  5. Scott said,

    Mike, does this mean you haven’t ordered a Wii yet? 🙂

  6. Mike said,

    yep :-). That’s off the radar for…ummm…. at least six months.
    New compy, new kettlebells, I’m broke for a while.

  7. brent said,

    oh my school has platforms, just no jack stands or half racks to jerk from. sometimes i just want to work on technique without having to worry about being light-headed from a tough clean or cleaning too heavy for that day

    that story about the school is ridiculous though, the things people do these days…

    there’s a crossfit-type athletic club in town that has a lot of kettlebells but i’m pretty tight on money, i’ll definitely get around to getting a workout in with them when i get the opportunity though

  8. Mike said,

    I’ve seen pictures of schools like that but I’ve never really understood it. I guess if you want to g really old school, they didn’t have benches or racks, after all that is the origin of the pullover and Steinborn lift, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a worthwhile investment. That is kind of annoying. Metal plates work though too. My gym’s bumper plates are kinda thick. I was just getting to like squatting with them, not I have to go back to metal because you can’t get anymore than 450 pounds on the bar with the bumpers.

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