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I forgot my log

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 7, 2007

As I sit here I realize that I wrote it all down but I left it at home.

I went to UB for some Double kettlebell action. It had been my intent to do it AoS style and do 2 minutes on, one minute off. However, when I got to the “Power room”, as they call it , I found there were actually a couple other people there. So I thought it would be rude to interrupt their personal training session with my stopwatch going off twice every three minutes. So I just did it for reps. Now lemme see what I can recall.

Double snatches X 5 – 8K, 16K, 24K

Double Clean and Jerk 24K X 10
Figure Eight 24K X 10 per direction
Double Clean and Press 32K X 5
Slingshot 16K X 10 per direction
Tactical Lunges 16K X 10 per side
Roman Situps Bodyweight X 10
Overhead Squat 2X16K X 10
Roman Situps BW + 16K X 10
Flip Squat 16K X 20
Triple Crush 16 X 10

Finale – Swing ladder
40K 2 hands X 10
32K 2 hands X 10
24K 2 hands X 10
16K 2 hands X 10
8K 2 hands X 10
4K 1 hands X 10 per side.

I think I got it all in there. Some of the numbers might be a bit lower than the actual but the concept it right.  I kinda did it all without a solid plan. I had intended to tdo 15 rounds like the AoS DVD but I think I recall counting when I got done and found I had only done 10. I got a decent smoking and I got the whole thing done in about half an hour. I have the MP3 of the actual Providence DVD, maybe I should do that and just try to do double kettlebells where I can. I like the idea of using Tuesdays to do double kettlebell and heavy kettlebell work though.

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