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Tactical Challenge Results Posted

Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on March 7, 2007

The results are up but I think they are waiting on one more site. It looks like they had a lot more particiaption this time which is cool.  It looks like the Dumbarton posted some decent results which is very cool. I have the dubiou honor of being the heaviest competitor.
My deadlift places 4th and Dan’s is 1st, so well done there Danno.
Our pullups placed low, mine is in second the last and I think the guy below me dropped out after the deadlift so I can’t really say I beat him.
Dan’s snatches place 2nd and mine are pretty middle of the pack.

Looks like Luke and I have some work to do.

I hope a lot more people take the plunge next year.

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I forgot my log

Posted in Kettlebells by Mike on March 7, 2007

As I sit here I realize that I wrote it all down but I left it at home.

I went to UB for some Double kettlebell action. It had been my intent to do it AoS style and do 2 minutes on, one minute off. However, when I got to the “Power room”, as they call it , I found there were actually a couple other people there. So I thought it would be rude to interrupt their personal training session with my stopwatch going off twice every three minutes. So I just did it for reps. Now lemme see what I can recall.

Double snatches X 5 – 8K, 16K, 24K

Double Clean and Jerk 24K X 10
Figure Eight 24K X 10 per direction
Double Clean and Press 32K X 5
Slingshot 16K X 10 per direction
Tactical Lunges 16K X 10 per side
Roman Situps Bodyweight X 10
Overhead Squat 2X16K X 10
Roman Situps BW + 16K X 10
Flip Squat 16K X 20
Triple Crush 16 X 10

Finale – Swing ladder
40K 2 hands X 10
32K 2 hands X 10
24K 2 hands X 10
16K 2 hands X 10
8K 2 hands X 10
4K 1 hands X 10 per side.

I think I got it all in there. Some of the numbers might be a bit lower than the actual but the concept it right.  I kinda did it all without a solid plan. I had intended to tdo 15 rounds like the AoS DVD but I think I recall counting when I got done and found I had only done 10. I got a decent smoking and I got the whole thing done in about half an hour. I have the MP3 of the actual Providence DVD, maybe I should do that and just try to do double kettlebells where I can. I like the idea of using Tuesdays to do double kettlebell and heavy kettlebell work though.

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