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The Compy is Dead, Long Live the Compy

Posted in Toys and tools by Mike on March 6, 2007

My computer died today. It went in it’s sleep so there was no pain.

Now I have to get a new one. Please be understanding as this may effect  my posting schedule.

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  1. Scott Styles said,

    Sucks man. Hope you can get all your data off.

  2. Mike said,

    The good news is that all I really lost is a terminal. We have all of our long term data backed up to a separate hard drive and I pretty much live off a thumb drive. We lost a couple little notes documents that we use day to day but it’s not nearly as bad as it could be.
    I ordered a new Dell this morning.

  3. Scott said,

    A new Dell, eh? What’d you get? – I’m using a Mac at the moment, but I was on the Dark Side for 20+ years before that 🙂

    I’m impressed at the ‘pretty much live off a thumb drive’ line. Same here (except for media, which is all on external drives).

  4. Mike said,

    I got a cheapo dell, I’ll lookup the basic specs and stick ’em here:
    AMD Athelon 3200 ( A brief search says it’s probably equivalent to a 3Ghz pentium)
    2 gig ram (little upgrade I grabbed:-))
    Integrated graphics and sound
    160 GB HD (7200 RPM)
    Floppy (going old skool)
    Vista (YUUCK)
    DVD-R (w00t)
    20″ flat panel
    and the big expense and about a fifth of the total cost….
    Office Professional 2007

    It was kinda and unexpected expense. I know my time was coming but I didn’t really expect it to come so suddenly.
    I can honestly say I used Macs exclusively for years. I used apples before they were macs. I was an apple devotee from about 12 – 20. I subscribed to at least the first two years of MacAddict. I even considered going back recently but trying to maintain my mother-in-laws Mac convinced me that their product had gotten worse instead of better and kept me away. From what I understand, if you are into any kind of graphics or movies, you almost need a Mac. I don’t do any of that so I haven’t had to worry about it.
    I do live off my thumb drive, it’s a 2Gig. It was my big Christmas gift for the year and probably my most used gift as well. It makes it easy to go from work to home and school and back. I downloaded an application suite called Portableapps ( It has firefox, messenger services, Openoffice and more. I originally set out to make my thumbdrive a protable server via “server on a stick” but could never get it to run. I have all the backups to this site and others on my thumbdrive, so I guess once I get up and running on the new computer (hopefully in a week or so) I need to back that up too.

    I gotta figure out how to get Ubuntu on my mother in laws old ibook I have laying around……

  5. Scott said,

    I’m almost the other way around. I started out with an Apple IIe in about 1983, switched over to PCs (so I could pull things apart and see how they worked), and came back to Apple just a few months ago. I haven’t used any of the older Macs for any length of time (just helped friends with theirs), but as far as I can tell the move to Intel has been a very positive one. The new machines are really nice.

    How old’s the ibook? Putting Ubuntu on it sounds like fun. What’s on it now?

  6. Mike said,

    It’s a preIntel iBook, probably 4 years old or so. She got it when they were going from OS9 to OSX so that is what currently resides. I have been having trouble getting it to boot from the CD.

  7. Scott said,

    What about using something like Yellow Dog Linux on an external drive? Or boot from a thumb drive instead of the CD?

  8. Mike said,

    I haven’t played with it much. I’m wanting to get Ubuntu installed, the disc checks when I run it but if I run from the CD the desktop loads so slowly it is useless and I don’t seem to be able to install. I haven’t played with the concept of booting from another type of drive yet.

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