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off night

Posted in Diet and Bodyweight,Gym Strength by Mike on March 5, 2007

The gym was…meh….ok.

Overall, since the competition, things have been ok. I haven’t really been eating super, especially today and I’ve had poor sleep the last couple nights for different reasons. Still, my bodyweight ahs hovered at 255, which is good. So the gym was kind of a wash. Kettlebells tomorrow, I’ll take Wednesday off and get back to it on Thursday.

Warmup – jumprope (3 minutes)
light snatches

Cleans sets of 3
20K, 40K, 50K, 60K, 40K

60k x 5
100k X 5
140k X 3
160K X 3
180K X 2
180K X 1

Kelso like shrugs
I was thinking about some stuff I  had read recently that implied that in Olympic lifting you should have your shoulderblades pulled together. I realized I couldn’t do that with even 60K on the bar so I spent quite some time playing around with doing shrugs from all different angles with just the bar.

That was it….
Tomorrow, double bells.

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