Anvil or Hammer

Sooo much iron….

Posted in Gym Strength,Kettlebells by Mike on March 2, 2007

Must¬† restrain self….

Off to the gym to work my two hour shift. I have the Tactical challenge tomorrow so I was trying to not move too much weight. I spent a lot of my time just playing with my 35lb kettlebell, flips, figure 8s, bottoms up press…I did some stretching a teeny tine bit of playing with olympic lifts (nothing over 60K). I spent a lot of time playing with the techniques in a great Dan John video I saw today.¬† it’s just plain amazing what that guy knows. I also did some rope jumping, I managed to pull off some double jumps which is cool.

Tomorrow, tactical kettlebell challenge… Think strong thoughts. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.

This weekend I will be painting a kettlebell too, I’ll post all about it because I’m expecting a few of you are looking to do the same, nudge, nudge.